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Cover.medium square,%20medium.1558685947 the newer F.M. format. Consequently many of our favorite bands never had a Billboard "Top 10" record.This week's podcast rectifies this by initiating Trick's "My Top 10, Non Top 10...
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ZZ Top ZZ Top's First Album
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Flux : Talk The Ska of our best of 2018 year in review. In this first part it's our top 5 E.Ps and top 5 singles released throughout the years. Extra talking about why we...
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Top Bananas

Broadway to Main Street
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Top Spin (KCRW, Joe Morgenstern)
Flux : Film Reviews
Top Spin starts ultra-slowly, then picks up speed. The subject of this documentary is table tennis...
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A handful of teenagers, and a 12-year-old violinist, from the radio show From the Top, give sparkling performances, proving there's a bright future for classical music.
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Top 10 Japan

Astrid Solo Travel Advisor
...was such a fabulous trip, Astrid had a tough time narrowing things down to a Top 10, but she did! And for our listeners who love how-to’s, we have a tip...
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Australia's top towns

The Daily Drive
Travel expert, Kirsty La Bruiny joins Nick and Kayley to share her findings on Australia's top towns
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Top Secret-Escape

Just Old Time Radio
Top Secret-Escape 7-2-50 698
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iTunes Top 20

Rock Solid
Flux : Rock Solid
...Murray check out what the kids are listening to by jumping head first into the Top 20 Songs on iTunes.
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Flux : TechStuff
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Over the Top
In this episode Khrysti and Dave revisit 1987’s “Over the Top”.
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