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TV Talk: Marvel’s TV Heroes

Summer Brooks, NERDSoul
...week, Summer welcomes fellow blerd Le Ill Kid from NERDSoul to chat about the Marvel TV shows we're currently obsessed with. Top of the list is "The Gifted", with Season 2...
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...Holidays, Donuts! Our gift to you is this jam packed Bonusode all about our favourite TV Characters.
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TV Tuners

Broadway to Main Street
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Apple TV

Flux : TechStuff
...Apple decided to bridge the gap between computers and televisions, they came up with Apple TV. But what exactly is it? In this episode, Chris and Jonathan examine the pros, cons...
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Slow TV

BBC Radio
Learn about the TV trend that urges you to relax, slow down and chill out.
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TV Executives

Forever Dog
...Bryan Seabury, Sony's Chris Parnell, and Caitlin Foito of ABC Studios take you inside the TV pitching and selling process from another perspective. Their candid conversation covers how decisions are made,...
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Streaming services revolutionized the TV-watching experience. There’s no denying it! Everything’s different now that we have Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime...
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Flux : Pop Rocket Star Wars Trailer, Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, Project Greenlight and the new Fall TV shows. With Wynter Mitchell and Oliver Wang. That’s My Jam: Wynter Mitchell - Angel Tongue by Light...
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TV Theme Songs

Rock Solid
Flux : Rock Solid
Pat and Gary welcome the self-proclaimed "King Of TV" Paul Goebel to the show to discuss their favorite TV theme songs.
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TV Themes # 2

Stuart Held year 2018 and why not start with something fun... We have another show on TV Themes. You will remember something from here. Not many people have done shows like this,...
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TV Themes # 1

Stuart Held
...your life in the last 60 years, you will know at least one of the TV themes you'll hear on this show. The list is too massive to mention in one...
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Sex on TV (VoiceAmerica)
...television has come a looong way in the past decade. We chat about the biggest TV shows right now, including Work in Progress, Watchmen, Sex Education, The New L Word, and...
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Metropolis TV Show

DC Daily Drop - DCEU Movie, TV and comics news
A Metropolis live-action TV series has been announced to debut in 2019 on DC's new digital streaming service. We...
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Krypton TV preview

DC Daily Drop - DCEU Movie, TV and comics news
Syfy's Krypton TV series isn't expected to debut until 2018, but we talk what we know so far...
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