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Hospital vampires

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...what do you do with the head afterward? Where did we get the idea of vampires in the first place? Have there been "real" vampires? Do Travis, Brent and Andie do...
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Although vampires have been using powers of seduction to wile their way into their victims’ hearts for...
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Vampire of Barcelona

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Vampire Weekend - Harmony Hall

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Video - Vampire Weekend - Cousins

Will's Band of the Week
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Marlon Williams: Vampire Again

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ANONYME – Stella et le vampire

...: René Depasse | Durée : 10min | Genre : Nouvelles Les revenants et les vampires inspirent beaucoup les auteurs ! Stella et le vampire (1855) « La croyance aux vampires...

SAZIE, Léon – La Belle Vampire

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