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Kyung-Wha Chung

BBC Radio 4
Roy Plomley's castaway is violinist Kyung-Wha Chung. Favourite track: Cello Suite No. 5 In C Minor by Johann Sebastian Bach Book:...
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I hear ya. You're saying "wha wha wha wha whaaaat? B-Dub is going to modify a guitar noooowwwww?" Nope. BUT... he...
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...stories about the early NHL, curved sticks, free agency & guarantees, the start of the WHA, the Winnepeg Jets, the Chicago Blackhawks, Wayne Gretzsky, Brett Hull, and Bobby's first-ever Stanley Cup...
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Episode 014: Dick's 46 Days

Beyond The Pond/Osiris Media
...Tour Finale. One of the underrated highlights from the weekend, this is a torrential, Trey-led, wha-induced, true hose jam. Songs featured in this episode are: Preoccupations: "Monotony," Silver Jews: "Suffering Jukebox,"...
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...GREAT hockey stories about his time with the Rangers, being traded to St. Louis, and what happened when Bobby Hull left the NHL for the WHA. He's also talking favorite arenas,...
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...are uploaded to this channel.  00:23 - Hipster Denial01:36 - Selling to Yoohoo? Yahoo? Chocola?02:50 - What's a ROFL?03:26 - Did You Just Say….?04:14 - Dirty Wha?08:14 - SQUIRELL!!!09:09 - The Debut...
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...Gathering performed by Elflore from the album The Gathering www.elfloreofficial.com Welsh Aire,The Mingulay Boat Song,Scots Wha Hae,The Skye Boat song performed by Haggis Rampant from the album Wee Beastie https://www.haggisrampant.com SEGMENTS...
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Flux : MinuteEarth
...Kate Yoshida, Peter Reich Music by: Nathaniel Schroeder: http://www.soundcloud.com/drschroeder ___________________________________________ References: World Health Organization (2014). WHA Global Nutrition Targets 2025: Stunting Policy Brief. 1-10. Retrieved from: http://www.who.int/nutrition/topics/globaltargets_stunting_policybrief.pdf Caulfield, L., Richard, S.,...
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Dirty Dancehall : Vybz Kartel 2000 - 2010

Dei Musicale : The Musical Gods
...Mi Baby Vybz Kartel Go-Go Club Vybz Kartel Nah Let Go Vybz Kartel Gal A Wha Me Do U Mek U Do Me Dat Vybz Kartel & Sheeba Gaza Man Mi...
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Black Douglas, True Story of Braveheart

Marc Gunn, Tuatha Dea, Braveheart
...music with your host Marc Gunn. Subscribe to the podcast at PubSong.com. 1:02 - “Scots Wha Hae” from Scottish Songs of Drinking & Rebellion 3:23 - NEWS: Today’s show is brought...
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Double Chocolate Goodness

Kitchen Counter Media
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Ep377: Jimi Hendrix - As Experienced by Sister Janie

Nate Goyer, Record Collector, Music Fan, Vinyl Maniac
Janie Hendrix shares memories of her brother Jimi, what's in the Hendrix archives, stories of stolen memorabilia, hunting down rare recordings, her new book...
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...12 Unforgettable Fred Willard Film and TV Appearances Fred Willard scene from ‘Best in Show’ “Wha’ Happened?” clip from ‘A Mighty Wind’ Fred Willard ‘Bold and the Beautiful’ appearance Dead or...
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