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Episode 237: Eat Wisconsin Cheese

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...episode of Cutting the Curd, we feature one of America’s most prolific cheese states – Wisconsin – and a recent trip taken by a group of decorated cheesemongers, including recent American...
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...Chad Knight sits down with Nikki Tieman and they talk about things to do in Wisconsin this summer. I suggest you grab a note pad, pencil, and a sense of adventure...
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On the Road in Wisconsin

Chewin' It with Kevin and Steve
...& Steve are back on the ROAD. It's a CAR CAST as they drive through Wisconsin & Iowa going from show to show. They cover the menu in Wisconsin, the Packers,...
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Episode 143: Wisconsin Master Cheesemakers Program

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...Cheesemaker on the latest episode of Cutting the Curd. Now in its 18th year, the Wisconsin Master Cheesemaker® program is the only one of its kind outside of Europe. For cheesemakers,...
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Episode 217: Holland in Wisconsin: Marieke Penterman

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Recent recipient of the 2015 Wisconsin Outstanding Young Farmers Award, Marieke Penterman of Hollands Family Farm, joins host Greg Blais on...
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Episode 295: The Wisconsin Master Cheesemaker® Program

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The Wisconsin Master Cheesemaker® Program was established as an advanced education program for experienced cheesemakers through joint...
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Flux : The Feast
...all over again.  But this magical state does exist, my friends. It exists at the Wisconsin supper club. On this week’s episode, we speak with Holly L. De Ruyter, writer, producer,...
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...The discussion will center on a review of MadCity Music, a record store in Madison, Wisconsin. Dr. Disc also spoke to the owner of Cheap Thrills Records (we reviewed the record...
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Episode 349: Insider’s Guide to Roth Cheese of Monroe, Wisconsin

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...Cheese’s unique cheese selection and their approach to the dairy business. Plus, we learn about Wisconsin’s cheesemaking–and ski destination!–‘Little‘Switzerland’. Cutting the Curd is powered by Simplecast
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Elena chats with Katie Fuhrmann in the studio during a break from Katie's Wisconsin-based cheesemaking. We learn how Katie and her team (many of whom are family members!) have...
IRC is excited to introduce all eyes and ears on this page to Eau Claire, Wisconsin forklift driver, Ross Lucas, who moonlights as a musician in his off-hours. Lucas’ wonderful track,......
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...below: The post Redox #228 – Here Comes A Regular (Live at the University of Wisconsin) appeared first on :: REAL PUNK RADIO - 24/7 Streaming Punk Rock'n'Roll ::.
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...Beerhunter Bob & Doug McKenzie Great White North Black Diamond (Live at G. S. Vigs Wisconsin 11-8-84) Replacements In Heaven There Is No Beer Bootleg We Want a Replacements Reunion and...
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...today. As mentioned in the episode, here's a link to the new Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin commercial featuring Marieke and her cheesemaking neighbors. Cutting the Curd is powered by Simplecast
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