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Classic 80s college alt rock
The Alternative features 70s punk, 80s new wave, 90s Brit Pop, and new alt rock from today. The Alternative airs every Friday from 6:15-11 pm on WATD-FM in the Boston radio market. Produced & hosted by Chris Atwood.
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The ORIGINAL Alternative & Indie Rock
Established in 2013; The Unheard Music is your weekly deep dive into the legacy of Alternative & Indie Rock. Join Kenny as he explores the origins of punk, new wave, post punk, synth-pop, underground hits, little known classics and the Unheard Music from the 70's, 80's & 90's.Broadcast weekly on Flashback Alternatives, IndieXFM & Bombshell Radio.
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Established in 2012 and broadcasting out of Jacks…
Established in 2012 and broadcasting out of Jacksonville Beach, Florida, Bird Attack Punk Rock Radio was founded by Garrett Wadford based on an absolute unwavering love for punk rock - Fast, Loud, Shredding, Melodic, Skate punk to be exact. "I consider the genre I love to be more of an underground group of bands that deserve to get more exposure. Now don’t get me wrong, I love Pennywise, Lagwagon, Strung Out (and other similar bands) with a passion, but the new music that really gets me fired up as of late, has a hint of metal to it, which brings an extra level of AMP! to the table." "I have always loved performing in some way shape or form, whether it has been on stage playing or behind the mic, focused on the voice only approach, so I decided to bring the music I was passionate about to the airwaves or internet-waves, as it has now morphed to a podcast." We are bringing new school punk mixed with the best older punk from as far back as 15 years, mixing it up with roughly 20 songs, throwing in a prank call, adding a dash of comedy and slamming the door shut with an insane interview from some of the best names in punk rock! These interviews range from different members of bands from across the spectrum; Pennywise to Lagwagon, Belvedere to Forus, Dutch Nuggets to Counterpunch. We are really turning up the quality this year. Finally, the podcast is professionally produced, so whether you are playing it in your headphones or cranking it at your house or in your car, you are going to love the quality!
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"Rare & Scratchy Rock 'N Roll" is a rockumentary podcast series that tells the greatest rock and roll stories on record. This includes the untold tales of some great hits that time forgot, but maybe you'll still remember. These programs are hosted by Radio Dave, a veteran disc jockey and published authority on rock and pop music history. He draws his "Rare & Scratchy Rock 'N Roll" stories from his "groove yard," an archive that has more music than most record libraries.
Outermission every Tuesday at 1 PM on DemonFM
Outermission is a talk show focused on showcasing Leicester’s Arts, Culture and Performance Community. During February, Outermission is the place to go for DemonFM’s Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival Coverage. Outermission is produced and presented by De Montfort University Radio Production students.
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Appetite for Distortion

Appetite for Distortion
“I always enjoy connecting to those who avoid the…
“I always enjoy connecting to those who avoid the obvious pedestrian cliche rockisms and who will converse with intelligence...kudos. That makes for a worthwhile broadcast. “- Alan Niven, former GNR manager. "Appetite for Distortion is probably the best name for a podcast that I've ever heard in my life." - Rachel Bolan, Skid Row ------- Appetite for Distortion is a Guns N' Roses-themed podcast hosted by a radio veteran. 400+ episodes. Past guests include Alice Cooper, Matt Sorum, Gilby Clarke, Frank Ferrer, Richard Fortus, Dave Kushner, Henry Rollins, Dave Mustaine, David Coverdale, Dee Snider, Dizzy Reed, Myles Kennedy, Brain, Tommy Stinson, London Hudson, Geezer Butler, Blackie Lawless n' much more! Not affiliated with the band Guns N' Roses. Current theme song created by Mike Squires.
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Si King and Dave Myers, aka The Hairy Bikers, present The Hairy Rock Show on Planet Rock! Classic Rock and cooking collide in this seven-part series hosted by two of the UK's most popular cookery book writers. Each week, the loveable hairy pair treat listeners to features like The Nosh Pit, where they create special recipes on the radio inspired by classic rock songs to get those taste-buds and eardrums tingling simultaneously (think Led Zeppelin’s Custard Pie, or Poundcake by Van Halen). You can even see the recipes on planetrock.com (http://planetrock.com/) every Sunday so you can have a go yourself! Si and Dave also invite you to get in touch with your cookery issues in their Sunday Roast Amnesty. Tell the lads about your problem and they will do their best to fix it! From rubbish roasts to soggy sprouts, whatever the cooking trauma, you'll have the chance to get first hand advice from the experts. Check out the podcast now for the best bits of the show! Get involved at http://www.planetrock.com/thehairyrockshow
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Flashback Requests (Barry James)

Flashback Request Show (Barry James)
Tuesday Evenings, 9 pm - 12 midnight on Caroline Flashback
Barry first found music when he borrowed his sister's record collection when he was about eight and was hooked. When Caroline started it was a new beginning, and he listened to all the stations, but Caroline was his favourite by far. Later he became a singer in a band, then started doing discos when he was 18. He joined Caroline in 1977, touring the country with the Caroline Roadshow for 10 years, having great fun. Barry helped with tender trips and worked on the Ross Revenge in '84 and '85. He has done many RSL's with the station, and is very proud to be part of THE LEGEND. Barry has worked at Hastings Rock, XLfm in Ely, and Tulip Radio in Spalding. Barry is married to a very understanding wife, Bud, has 3 children and 5 lovely grandchildren. He says he will work for Caroline for as long as they want him – or can put up with him! LA. Barry now presents his own show on Friday mornings on the main channel, and rotates presentation duties for Flashback Requests on Tuesday evenings with Clive Garrard and Dave Foster. Send your requests during the show to: requests@carolineflashback.co.uk.
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Chronique Musique
Tous les jours, chronique et diffusion d'un nouveau titre sur Wave Radio à 8h10, 9h30 et 13h. Et c'est vous chers auditeurs qui décidez si le son rejoint notre programmation musicale en votant en story Instagram.
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Le Goût de Penser

Jérémy Raffet
Chronique philo
Et s'il fallait s'autoriser à ne pas savoir pour mieux apprendre ? Tous les samedis à 10h, un instant philo comme une pause, sur Wave Radio. S'arrêter, s'étonner, comprendre. Prenons le temps de réfléchir pour partager le Goût de Penser avec Jeremy.
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Equipe de Wave Radio
Reportages & Interviews dans le Sud des Landes et au Pays Basque
Festivals, compétitions, soirées, concerts, les événements ne manquent pas dans le Sud des Landes et au Pys Basque autour d'Hossegor, Bayonne et Biarritz. Format court de reportages par l'équipe de Wave Radio.
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Blanche, Elise, Antoine, Alexandre
Délivrez-moi, les coups de cœur livres de Wave Radio
Émission littéraire hebdomadaire en direct sur Wave Radio avec chroniques, et actus livre, agenda des rencontres littéraires dans le Sud des Landes et le Pays Basque, ainsi qu'interviews d'auteurs. Présentée par Blanche, Élise, Antoine & Alexandre.
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Interview quotidienne du lundi au vendredi dans la matinale de Wave Radio, Good Morning Hossegor
Good Morning Hossegor, la matinale de Wave Radio, du lundi au vendredi de 8h à 10h avec interview quotidienne à 9h ! Rencontres avec les acteurs du territoire dans le Sud des Landes et au Pays Basque dans le domaine de la musique, des arts, de la culture, des sports et de la vie locale. Musique du générique © Romain Warret
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Mix vinyles disco funk house hip hop
Mr Rollin vous embarque le 1er vendredi du mois à 20h sur Wave Radio, au cœur du roller dance avec sa sélection de vinyles. À chaque émission, un voyage entre disco, funk, house et hip-hop, mettant en lumière une facette spécifique de la danse sur roulettes et de son histoire.
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Chronique Feng Shui sur Wave Radio
La minute Feng Shui c’est… appréhender, comprendre, composer et optimiser l’atmosphère de notre environnement, de nos espaces de vie ou de travail grâce au Feng Shui. En quelques minutes chaque samedi à 9h sur Wave Radio, Fanny vous prodigue conseils et astuces nés de cet art de vivre ancestral plein de bon sens, exhausteur d’harmonie et générateur de changements positifs.
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