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Talking Metal

Talking Metal
One of the longest running podcasts. We talk about hard rock and metal. Hosted and produced by Mark Strigl. Guests have included members of Motley Crue, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Slayer, Exodus, System Of A Down, Motorhead, Kiss, Megadeth, Korn and many more. Established in 2005 by Mark Strigl and John "Ostronomy" Ostrosky. Please visit MarkStrigl.net for more info. Bonus content by Mark Strigl is available on Patreon.
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This is the Real School of Rock!
This is the Real School of Rock! The Original Rock and Roll Podcast.Interviews, music and more from a Rock and Roll Geek.All done with a Metal Sludge,Blabbermouth sense of humor For fans of Aerosmith,Cheap Trick,Wildhearts,Metallica,AC/DC,American Heartbreak,Alice Cooper,New York Dolls,Sex Pistols,Motley Crue,Starz,Runaways,Punk,Joan Jett,Suzi Quatro,Nazareth,Hanoi Rocks,D Generation,Dictators,Ramones,Kiss,Guns n\' Roses,Glam,Metal,etc.
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Cobras & Fire is a comedy / rock talk show with absurd discussions about music, news, and life. Join your irreverent hosts Bakko and Loose Cannon as we make fun of what we love. We feature a mix of classic artists and bands on the rise. Rock's not dead. It's hiding. And you found it. In addition to our regular show, our interview episodes include members of Judas Priest, KISS, Anthrax, Motley Crue, and more. Our sidecast “Whatever, Nevermind” counts down the 25 Greatest Grunge albums according to Rolling Stone. Episodes feature a special guest host from the Podcast Community and interviews with the artists, producers, and record label execs involved with the albums.
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"It's such a fine line between stupid and clever" - David St Hubbins
Mon podcast GOING UNDERGROUND a plus de dix ans maintenant, et c'est hélas impossible de stocker toutes les archives en ligne. Alors on va faire comme ça : tu pioches dans la sélection des podcasts dont j'ai pas trop honte qui suit là, t'envoies un mail à podcast.goingunderground@gmail.com , et je t'envoie un wetransfer.Divine Comedy, Public Enemy, PJ Harvey, Kraftwerk, the Fall, Nick Cave, Oasis, Ennio Morricone, Hüsker Dü, Elliott Smith, Devo, the Breeders, David Bowie, Dinosaur Jr, the Strokes, Wire, Meat Puppets, Roky Eriksson, the Beach Boys, Butthole Surfers, Lee Hazlewood, Pink Floyd, Ian MacKaye, Weezer, Mötley Crüe, Morrissey, Mark Lanegan, the Damned, Glenn Danzig, Turbonegro, la scène de Palm Desert, Nirvana, the Melvins, Queen, the Hives, Beastie Boys, Jeordie White, the Kinks, Spinal Tap, Tool, the White Stripes, John Carpenter, Alice Cooper, Fu Manchu, Henry Rollins, Neil Young, the Ramones, Cheap Trick, the Minutemen, the Rocky Horror Picture Show
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