Chaque semaine, The Beat vous propose un focus discographique d'une ½ h sur un artiste, un groupe, un style, un album, ou bien encore une thématique sans barrières de styles, de genres ou d'époques avec comme fil conducteur la pulsation primale, le Beat, qu'il soit Electro, Disco, Hip Hop, House, Funk, Techno, Indus, Afro, Jazz, Dubstep, ...  
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Liz Berg | WFMU

Liz Berg and WFMU
WFMU presents caffeinated rock, experimental pop, oddball beats, and more!.
Caffeinated rock, experimental pop, oddball beats, and more stuffed into a chewy, bite-sized, downloadable snack. A quick rundown of Liz's faves from the Free Music Archive, including many tunes from her weekly radio show, plus a few special treats that are too hot for airplay.
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WFMU presents Bleeps, bloops and beats of pre-millennium electronica.
A half hour show show celebrating the bleeps, bloops and beats of pre-millennium electronica and dance singles in the twelve inch format. Lots of forgotten and discarded artists, pseudonyms, sub-genres and remixes from the late 80's and 90's thrown at you in a down and dirty fashion.
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Sleep With Me

Dearest Scooter
Helps You Relax, Fall Asleep Fast and Beat Insomnia with Bedtime Stories | A Sleep Inducing Podcast
Insomnia? Mind racing at night? Worries keeping you up? Tune in for a bedtime story that lets you forget your problems and progressively gets more boring until you fall to sleep. So get in bed, press play, close your eyes, and drift off into dreamland.
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Finders Keepers Records

Finders Keepers Records
Behold Finders Keepers, a British record label, 4…
Behold Finders Keepers, a British record label, 40 years in the making, introducing fans of psychedelic / jazz / folk / funk / avant-garde and whacked-out movie musak to a lost world of undiscovered vinyl artifacts from the annals of alternative pop history. Catering to record collectors and DJ-producers alike with a huge emphasis on sample friendly soundscapes, rocksteady back-beats and primitive electronic experimentalism. Discerning purveyors of the bizarre and abnormal should expect the Japanese choreography records, space-age Turkish protest songs, Czechoslovakian vampire soundtracks, Welsh rare-beats, bubblegum folk, drugsploitation operatics, banned British crime thrillers and celebrity Gallic Martini adverts... presented on CD, 7" and traditional black plastic discs in authentic packaging. Following in the very same footsteps as the mind boggling "Music To Watch Girls Cry" and "Songs In The Key Of Death" mix CDs for Fat City Records and the original 5-star rated Finders Keepers compilation LP in 2001, Manc-based vinyl-vulture, recording artist and record producer Andy Votel enlists the skills of fellow B-Music DJ and Rare Disc Detective Doug Shipton to form a team of psychedelic librarians and cosmic-pop-quiz-elitists to run their new Twisted Nerve distant sister-label, leaving no progressive pebble unturned or record collection un-rifled. Future compilations and re-issues will feature collaborative curators such as David Holmes, Cherrystones and Bob Stanley and further contributions from mystery A- / B+ pop-celebrity fanatics of outsider music and ultra-rare bakelite discs. Finders Keepers is an 'accidental world music label' with a punk aesthetic and DJ friendly ethos which allows the desperate listener to sit back while we deliver schizoid cultural channel-hopping compilations and rocking-horse-shit & hen's-teeth re-releases to the comfort of your psych-starved living room...
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Live Radical Country Music Show

The very best Country Music with the legendary Michael Casteel, a true artist and performer and amazing guy, we love Michael Casteel at Radical Online Radio, we know you'll love him too! Radical Online Radio's Country Music Show. We will be playing...
The very best Country Music with the legendary Michael Casteel, a true artist and performer and amazing guy, we love Michael Casteel at Radical Online Radio, we know you'll love him too! Radical Online Radio's Country Music Show. We will be playing the very best in Country music. Stay tuned to listen to all the very best mix of music. We will be adding music from all eras, an awesome show of Country music. Please stay tuned and if you have any requests or ideas for following shows or would like to advertise with us please go to the Advertise or Contact page and drop us a message. radicalonlineradio.com
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Podcasts of the special shows
Radio Chiguiro is a latin and afro electronic music webradio. www.radiochiguiro.com - Podcasts of the special shows like Chiguiro Live (Lives from our studio), Friday Night with Diego Veira, Wannabe's Latin Beat Machine 3 Mini Mix, Back to Africa and Carte Blanche à Paquita Gallego.
Mots-clefs : radio,latin,webradio,podcast,electronic music,house,dembow,electropical,tropical,reggaeton,beats
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Podcasts of Chiguiro Mix
Radio Chiguiro is a latin and afro electronic music webradio. www.radiochiguiro.com - Podcasts of Chiguiro Mix - Chiguiro Mix is a show that invites artists from the Latin electronic scene to perform an exclusive mix. Listen to the show every day at 4pm, 10pm and 4am UTC+1.
Mots-clefs : mix,dj,latin,electronic,electronic music,cumbia,techno,house,drumnbass,bass,beats,dembow,reggaeton,dj mix,live,live set,downtempo,afro,african,colombia,peru,argentina,españa,venezuela
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Podcast musique et cinéma àlacool
Newbeat.fr est une émission d'une trentaine de minutes qui vous propose de discuter d'un film (méconnus mais toujours sympa) et d'une chanson plutôt typée punk rock et musique alternative (sur la page youtube de l'émission vous pourrez retrouver la chanson en version sous titrée).
Mots-clefs : ...heart,revelation records,gorilla biscuits,newbeat,newbeat.fr,new new beat
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L'émission radio hebdomadaire et bordelaise sur les Beatles
John, Paul, George et Ringo de 1962 à nos jours pendant 2 heures. Chaque mercredi de 20h à 22h, sur 90;7 Mhz ou www.rigfm.fr
Mots-clefs : Beatles,Paul McCartney,John Lennon,George...
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Industry Shakedown – Nano – Gone Up Radio

Industry Shakedown – Nano – Gone Up Radio
Phat Mixes & Dope Beats
Phat Mixes & Dope Beats
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The jazziest podcast hosted by a Frenchie !
Jazz, Soul, Hip Hop, Funk & some good jazzy stuff
Mots-clefs : ...soul,nu soul,r&b,jazzy,jazz beats,chill hop,jazz hop
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Le podcast dédié aux batteurs
Le magazine préféré des batteurs lance son podcast ! Depuis 2004, les plus grandes icônes du drumming se sont exprimées dans les colonnes de Batterie Mag. En marge de nos parutions, retrouvez notre émission "Echoes & Icons" dans laquelle nous donnons la parole aux batteurs. Au programme : actu, discussions, influences, conseils pour progresser à la batterie et gérer votre carrière... Pour vous abonner au mag et rester informé de nos dernières actualités, rendez-vous sur batteriemagazine.com
Mots-clefs : batterie,magazine,batteur,groove,beat,percussions,musique,percussionniste,drum,drums,drumming,drummer,cymbale,echoes,icons,rythme
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Funky beats, rhymes from the soul & street life
Ones in a million to truely love soul music & all black musics. And Like a temple guard, years by years, by trying to find the perfect loop, we achieved a awesome collection of sounds & tracks. Now we offer you the opportunity to listen to selected ones, our favorites, from the greatest to the undiscovered. Our greatest hope is that you'll enjoy the Food 4 Your Soul series.
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Docteur Beat

Radio France
Docteur Beat
Antoine Dabrowski livre ses coups de coeur électro.
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