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Christmas Creeps

Christmas Creeps
Christmas Creeps is your one stop shop for holiday madness all year round. Join hosts Joseph Wade, Johnny-5 and Mr. Bradford twice a month as they destroy holiday movies and TV shows in search of the true meaning of Christmas.
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Explore our captivating podcast series for personal growth, curated to enhance your journey toward confidence and self-esteem. Each episode blends proven techniques with emotive storytelling, empowering your inner resilience. Tune in to ignite transformations and embrace...
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Welcome to Listentee, a podcast channel created by Danetta K Gochanour, CEO of the fashion company listentee.com. Listentee is dedicated to exploring fashion topics for holidays throughout the year, from Valentine's Day to Christmas and everything in between.Danetta is passionate about fashion and the ways in which it can help us express ourselves and celebrate special occasions. Through Listentee, she shares her insights and expertise on fashion trends, styling tips, and gift ideas for each holiday season. more info: Website: https://listentee.com/
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Celtic Christmas Greetings

Celtic Christmas Greetings
Celtic Christmas music and stories
Celtic Christmas Greetings is a 12-part series highlighting the music and stories of Marc Gunn in regards to Celtic Christmas music, songs, holiday wishes for the Celts of Ireland and Scotland.
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Celtic Christmas Music

Christmas Music Lover and Celtic Musician, Marc Gunn
If you love Christmas and Celtic music, you should be subscribed to this podcast. It is absolutely free to subscribe. It features over 30 hours of great Celtic Christmas music from all the top Celtic podcasts online. Every few days from the beginning of December until Christmas, the Celtic Christmas Podcast shares with you the Christmas music and entertainment from various Celtic podcasts online. This podcast features a wealth of Celtic Christmas craic for your holiday pleasure.
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Who Charted?

Howard Kremer and Brett Morris
Stand-up comic Howard Kremer (Comedy Central, Austin Stories, Beavis & Butthead), along with Producer/Musician Brett Morris (Earwolf, Comedy Bang Bang World, Man Man) bring on your favorite comedians to count down the top 5 songs and movies of the week, which always leads to off-the-wall discussion and tangents. Don't miss the final Hot Picks chart, where the gang each brings in their favorite new song you may have missed! Subscribe at www.whochartedpod.com to support the show, and gain access to Two Charted, the weekly Howard/Brett deep-dive bonus show, and the entire Who Charted and Preem Streem archives ad-free! Now includes the Who Charted Holiday Bundle.
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Questions for kindergarten is a podcast for children in kindergarten. The short content is made for young children and is offered by certified teachers.
Questions for kindergarten is a podcast for children in kindergarten. The short content is made for young children and is offered by certified teachers. The principle is simple: one question and its answer on each program. The questions are always based upon the programs and are adapted to the children’s level. The questions are always in relation to each field of what a kindergarten learns at school: speaking skills, vocabulary, phonology, mathematics, discovering the world… Whether it is in the car on your way to school, on a holiday trip, while eating or before going to bed, this podcast “Questions for kindergarten” is the young children and family’s best friend to learn new things or revise what you have already learnt. And it’s always fun! We hope you will enjoy sharing these warm moments with your families.
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Though carols are traditionally associated with Christmas, this was not always the case. “Carol” comes from the French word 'carole' which means circle dance accompanied by singing...
Though carols are traditionally associated with Christmas, this was not always the case. “Carol” comes from the French word 'carole' which means circle dance accompanied by singing. It was part of any festivity and gradually came to be associated with holidays like Christmas. In England, festivities were banned following the Civil War and Protestantism, but many song writers and Protestants wrote musical works to be sung at Christmas and these were referred to as “carols.” Today, Christmas anywhere in the world is incomplete without carol singers and songs. They celebrate the season, the birth of Christ, the joy of the holidays and convey good wishes and cheer to listeners. Many famous carols are written in German, French and Latin as well as English. The Christmas Carol Collection by Various includes some traditional and some modern day carols, all of which embody the spirit of the festive season. The first one, Christ Was Born on Christmas Day is a 13th century song, which was once very popular all over Europe. The original Latin was translated by John Mason Neale, an eminent English clergyman, in the nineteenth century. American lyricist Charlotte Homer's delightful 1902 Christmas Lullaby follows next, set to music by Charles Gabriel Hutchinson. The famous and charming carol, The Twelve Days of Christmas, which was once a popular English folk song is also included here. It was first published in England in 1780 without music and was meant to be chanted. Come All You Merry Gentlemen, a 19th century song, follows. Est ist ein Ros entsprungen a beautiful 15th century German carol is next on the list. This song may be more familiar as Lo How a Rose e'er Blooming to the English speaking world. Gesu Bambino, a delightful Italian song was set to music by Frederick Herman Martens. The famous African-American gospel song, Go Tell it on the Mountain is a rousing anthem to the glory of God. A fifteenth century Sussex carol, the 19th century Boston carol, It Came Upon a Midnight Clear, the traditional yet popular English carol I Saw Three Ships, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's charming I Heard The Bells on Christmas Day, Eduard Ebel's 1895 German song, Leise Reiselt der Schnee and more are included in this collection. These lovely carols invoke the theme of this most enjoyable festival, which conveys the message of hope and eternal life hereafter.
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Explorez notre série de podcasts captivants pour le développement personnel, conçus pour améliorer votre parcours vers la confiance et l'estime de soi. Chaque épisode associe des techniques éprouvées à des récits émouvants, renforçant ainsi votre résilience intérieure. Écoutez-le pour déclencher des transformations et embrasser...
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Pornographie et sexualité en question
« On n'est pas des animaux » est un documentaire radiophonique. Il s'agit d'une incursion dans le monde de la pornographie. Je suis parti à la rencontre de professionnels du x. Je les ai regardés travailler et les ai questionnés sur leur métier, leurs états d'âme, leur image de la sexualité. Parallèlement, je suis aussi parti à la rencontre de consommateurs de pornographie et me suis entretenu avec eux sur les heures passées devant l'écran et sur les interrogations, doutes et rêves que leurs consommation éveille..
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