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Best in Celtic Rock and Celtic Punk
PaddyRock.com is your source for the best in Celtic Rock and Punk from around the world.
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Paddy’s Podcast

Paddy Jobsman
Career guidance and craic.
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Big Boys Don't Cry

Paddy Johnston & Rob Gordon
A podcast where two dudes talk about romantic films.
Big Boys Don't Cry is a podcast in which Paddy Johnston & Rob Gordon watch romantic films, then discuss them.


Linux Luddites
Not all change is progress
Hosted by Joe, Paddy and Jesse, Linux Luddites is a podcast where we try all the latest free and open source software and then decide that we like the old stuff better. Join us for news, reviews, and interviews with key industry players, as we bring you all you need to know from around the Linux and FOSS world.
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