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Another Metal Podcast

Another Metal Podcast
Brand New Heavy Metal From The Underground To Your Speakers
AMP is a bi-weekly heavy metal podcast that plays two hours of brand-new heavy metal music from indie, unsigned, and small-label bands from across the globe. All genres are represented; death, black, hard rock, industrial, doom, sludge, stoner, power, speed, goth, prog, instrumental, all the cores, and more. Many of these bands are being played for the first time anywhere, so turn up your speakers, throw some devil horns, and rock out to the freshest metal available. Make sure to check out our blog for full track listings and info for all the songs played, along with links to the bands. www.AnotherMetalPodcast.com
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The podcast that leaves no stone unturned !
An english-speaking french journalist and writer, specializing in the history of Normandy and Great Britain, shares his discoveries, reports and thoughts in a lively and friendly conversation that takes you along the fascinating paths of the past. From little-known figures found in the archives to the splendours of architecture and art, the Historic Normandy Show will open up new perspectives to all history and heritage enthusiasts. With a French accent.
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Le Portail Instable - HearthStone

Eddytor, Dylan, Dimitri
Le premier podcast Français sur HearthStone
Je suis Eddytor, et avec deux amis, nous nous sommes lancés dans l'aventure du podcast, en traitant du jeu a grand succes de Blizzard: Hearthstone: Heroes of warcraft.
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Best Garage radio show in western France
Stoned Circus Radio Show - Garage & Psychedelia from all over the world (from the 60's to the 00's) Freak out the jam ! EACH MONDAY 8:00 to 9:30 PM (Gmt +1 Paris). The 90 minutes long show superbly highlights 60s psychedelic music, garage punk, , mods, Rock'n'Roll, Rockabilly, punk rock, psychedelia, acid-rock, beat, r'n'b, soul & early funk, space-rock, exotic sounds with sitarfuzz & ... AND all good now-sound can be heard on Stoned Circus www.stonedcircus.com (streaming, podcasts, playlist, records of the month) live stream : http://stream.levillage.org/canalb.m3u
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Some Stoner Stuff

Ash, PuNkY & Ace
Le monde fumant des Stoner Movies
Podcast dédié au cinéma de la fête et des excès. Stoner Comedies et Teen Movies au programme. On vous en dira plus dès qu'on sera redescendus.
Mots-clefs : Stoner,Cinéma,Weed,Beuh,Cannabis,Comedie,films,critique,teen,adolescence,français,france,kush
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Solid Stoner Doom Heavyweights.
Every Wednesday at 18:00 (GMT+3) on Downtuned Radio, "All the Heavy Lifting" radio show, plays the finest Heavy Rock - Stoner - Doom tunes, and grooves down your spine. Be there!
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Maykel Stone
Glockenpops, c'est le podcast qui croit t'apprendre des choses que tu connais déjà, mais qui sait le faire avec panache ! Et surtout, qui est bourré d'autodérision. Et de modestie. Surtout de modestie. Nous sommes si modestes que vous ne pouvez pas savoir à quel point cette émission est géniale sans l'écouter. Hébergé par Acast. Visitez acast.com/privacy pour plus d'informations.
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