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This podcast is about celebrating everything truly crazy and ridiculously awesome about the Warhammer 40k universe. If you like roleplaying games, listen to us try to survive our inquisitor's missions in Dark Heresy. If you enjoy wargaming, we recap our biggest and often hilarious missteps from the miniature wargame, Warhammer 40,000. And of course, if you ever wanted to attend a Wych Arena in Commorragh, we've got you covered with 40k Arena. No matter what, if you love the grim dark, this is the podcast for you.
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Covering everything from the 90's and early 2K
This is a place for anyone born in the 1980's, or if you're cool enough to love the 90's and early 2k like we do.
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Future Thinkers

Mike Gilliland and Euvie Ivanova
Future Thinkers is a media platform, community, and education portal dedicated to the evolution of society, technology, and consciousness. Helping you become better adapted to our uncertain future. As seen in BBC, Forbes, World Economic Forum, and iTunes Top 40. Created by Mike Gilliland and Euvie Ivanova.
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60s & 70s pop - rock with some weirdness
60s and 70s top 40 pop and rock with some Motown and blues mixed in. All done with a campy little twist, all in good fun. In a way, I try to emulate the DJs from the days when AM was king and everyone was larger than life.
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Drunken Lullabies

Dustin Wikoff
This is the Drunken Lullabies feed. It contains all episodes of Drunken Lullabies, a craft beer and music podcast. It also features the spin off Drunk at the Movies, a film commentary podcast, My Personal Mixtape where musicians select their 10 favorite songs from their careers and we discuss them. Plus MashUp Mondays and the newest series Radio Rewind, where we look at the Billboard Top 10 from 10, 20 ,30, & 40 years ago each week.


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Are 4k TVs Worth It?

Flux : TechStuff
What exactly is 4k resolution? How does the number of pixels on a screen correspond to image quality? And...
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Wonderful! 281: You Caught Me in 4K

wonderfulpodcast@gmail.com (Griffin & Rachel McElroy)
Flux : Wonderful!
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...word is "Ultra High Definition." Technically, "Ultra High Definition" is actually a derivation of the 4K digital cinema standard. However while your local multiplex shows images in native 4096 x 2160 4K resolution,...
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Suicide Squad sequel news and The Dark Knight 4k

DC Daily Drop - DCEU Movie, TV and comics news
...director of the film. We discuss that plus a potential remaster of The Dark Knight trilogy in 4k. Jaume Collet-Serra is the frontrunner to direct the Suicide Squad sequel - Deadline Director of...
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Flux : The WAN Show
...due to change in sponsors) 0:00 Chapters 0:50 Intro 1:19 Topic #1 - YouTube restricts 4K to Premium 3:58 2160p, 10 ads & YouTube's statement 6:56 Chrome's Manifest V3 10:06 4K...
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Flux : TPF's Podcast
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Flux : The WAN Show
...Will Sell That Company to Ziff Davis or Someone Else 00:15:20 Sony Officially Confirms the 4K Ready PlayStation 00:17:50 Google manipulated search results in favour of Hillary Clinton 00:30:00 Back to:...
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...film tutorials, filmmaking tips and tricks, aerial drone videos, short films and vlogs presented in 4K/UHD, 4K/60fps and 8K. What makes him a Filmtrepreneur is that he leveraged his audience and...
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...life with smart purchases. Panasonic’s new LCD TVs compared to great TVs of the past. 4K on Fox Sports, 4K's color space, and the chances of 4K catching on quickly. A...
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Pre-show: Jazzercise 1982 video compilation Follow up: St. Jude Fundraiser Update Apple TV 4K has a fan 😭 Teardown Downloading 4K iTunes movies Boot Camp and cheesy Apple videos...
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...Son,” “Invisible Beauty,” and “The Origin of Evil.” Plus, “Stop Making Sense” is re-released in 4K IMAX. Hear reviews from Alonso Duralde and Dave White, film critics and co-hosts of movie...
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Flux : 60MW
...Soldiers which is celebrating its 20th anniversary and has recently had a superb Limited Edition 4K/Blu-ray and Standard Edition 4K and Blu-ray release from Second Sight Films. Visit www.60MW.co.uk for news,...
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Flux : 60MW
I chat with composer Cliff Martinez ahead of the June 6th release of Drive on Limited Edition 4K UHD and Blu-ray by Second Sight Films. Visit www.60MW.co.uk for news, reviews, podcasts, how to...
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On today's show, we talk some on Wonder Woman 2, the AT&T/Time Warner merger, 4k versions of The Dark Knight trilogy, and more on "Crisis on Earth-X". Gal Gadot talks briefly about...