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Give it a listen!
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60 minutes of the best in podsafe blues broadcast every every weekend from London, England.
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The Iowa Blues Showcase features local, regional, and national blues artists. It is both new live shows, and archive shows going back to the 1980s.
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Nothing but the blues, from the earliest to the latest, all genres
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The Funky Blues Show

Huw Steven Jenkins
Music from the Deep South
My weekly show on Switch Dunmow Radio, featuring Blues, Funk. Soul, Jazz and Rock, music inspired by America's Deep South


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A selection of Latin-influenced Blues, Soul, Funk and Southern Rock from Spain, Italy and France, featuring Freedonia, Ronnie Jones, Tonky...
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A celebration of the contribution of Irish musicians to the Blues and Blues/Rock tradition, featuring legends, newcomers and surprises, with music from Rory Gallagher, Thin Lizzy,...
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My tribute to the best of the amazing piano blues sound, featuring the greats including Otis Spann, Pinetop Perkins (pictured), Sunnyland Slim and Champion Jack...
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The best of the northern European Blues scene, featuring some great funky sounds from Wentus Blues Band, The Blues Overdrive (pictured), Patrick...
Medium 15b2f504651b3a20c1ddc4c90fe4fe0221d49af7
A selection of winners and nominees for the Grammy's Blues award from 2000 to 2018 including many of my heroes from Bobby Rush to Etta...
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All the best Blues and Soul releases from 2017, featuring winners and nominees for the 2017 Blues Blast magazine...
Medium 15b2f504651b3a20c1ddc4c90fe4fe0221d49af7
A selection of Blues and Blues-influenced tunes, some 60's guitar licks, Funky 70's Blues, some rare gems and some...
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...Lister, Ian Parker and Erja Lyytinen with a great live set and conversation from the Raven'n'Blues houseboat on the River Thames near Hampton Court.
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My selection of the best US Blues releases of 2020, with lots of new and emerging artists, and a few legends, featuring...
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A selection of music from some of the great Blues artists from the Chicago music scene, with some funky and more traditional Windy City styles,...
Medium 15b2f504651b3a20c1ddc4c90fe4fe0221d49af7
Celebrating the best new blues and roots artists from the USA, featuring nominees for the Independent Blues Awards from the...
Medium 15b2f504651b3a20c1ddc4c90fe4fe0221d49af7
A selection of modern Blues and Soul featuring artists who have followed my show on Twitter, including Sugaray Rayford (pictured),...
Medium 15b2f504651b3a20c1ddc4c90fe4fe0221d49af7
The latest releases from the UK Blues scene, with a host of new and upcoming talent, with soulful and funky styles alongside...
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...coming artists as well as some undervalued legends, a mixture of soulful, funky and rockin' Blues, featuring Frank Bey, Beautiful Bobby Blackmon, Mudlow, GH Jack and Roy Roberts