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World Health Organization
Titre Evidence as a catalyst for policy and societal change. Towards more equitable, resilient, and sustainable global health.
Beyond the pandemic: Mobilizing evidence for safe and effective health policy and practice The COVID-19 pandemic has provided an unprecedented opportunity to assess the relationship between evidence and policy and their impact on societies.  This podcast series features interviews with leading experts in the area of knowledge translation and evidence-policy-society processes, documenting key lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic, and looking ahead leveraging innovation and novel strategies. A must-listen for all that aim to make better, evidence-based policy decisions.
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Your Space-Age Pop dance party!!
The TRUE Number One Lounge music radio show in the WORLD! Every weekend step into the wonderful world of the BUDDIES LOUNGE as we serve you 2 hours of tasty Hi-Fi Space Age Pop, Jet Set, Swinin' Vocals, Easy Listening and Exotica sounds...in LIVING STEREO!
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60s & 70s pop - rock with some weirdness
60s and 70s top 40 pop and rock with some Motown and blues mixed in. All done with a campy little twist, all in good fun. In a way, I try to emulate the DJs from the days when AM was king and everyone was larger than life.
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The Noise Pop Podcast is a monthly series showcasing new music discoveries and a diverse slate of guest artists from the independent music scene and beyond. Produced by Noise Pop, San Francisco’s go-to indie music, arts and film festival for over 25 years and hosted by music journalist Adrian Spinelli (Paste Magazine, SF Chronicle, etc..), we deliver engaging episodes that are always rooted in the music that we love and that we know you will too. Past guests have included: Khruangbin, Thao Nguyen, Quantic, Wye Oak, Helado Negro, Speedy Ortiz, Rexx Life Raj, Shigeto, Låpsley, Thievery Corporation and more.
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Pop Rocket

Pop culture discussion with Guy Branum, Wynter Mitchell, Margaret Wappler and Oliver Wang.
Weekly discussion of the culture we all love to love. Join host Guy Branum and panelists Wynter Mitchell, Karen Tongson, and Margaret Wappler for smart, funny and sometimes sweary chat about everything great in entertainment. Combining comic, journalistic, academic and digital media expertise, the Pop Rocket team will keep you up-to-date on what's most exciting in pop culture.


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Flux : TechStuff
What does MPEG stand for? What does MIDI do? And are P2P networks inherently bad? We learn some more tech initialisms and acronyms. Learn more about your...
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Mikeal Rogers, Alex Sexton, and Rachel White discuss the P2P web — including WebRTC, WebTorrent, and IPFS. They also get into React and React VR...
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...finally decided to embrace vlogging and start to capitalize on it to help take my P2P (person to person) philosophy to the next level. But before we get into the good...
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...W88 selalu tahu bagaimana menarik pemain dengan berbagai permainan menarik seperti: Olahraga, live casino, slot, P2P dan banyak lagi. Anda dapat memilih dengan bebas dan bermain langsung di situs tanpa terlalu...
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W88 Club

...well as Vietnam. W88clubcom.webflow.io offers many quality products such as sports betting, Online Casino, Slots, P2P (Super Bull & Poker), lottery betting… Address: 233A DD. Phan Van Tri, Ward 11, Binh...
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Chris Beams joins the show to talk about Bisq, the P2P decentralized Bitcoin exchange and open-source desktop application that allows you to buy and sell bitcoins...
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...gia cá cược tại nhiều trò chơi như thể thao, casino trực tuyến, PT Slot, P2P… FB88 hiện đang là nhà cái độc nhất vô nhị cung ứng hệ thống iLotto....
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Flux : blazpodcast
...đầu tư, các nhà giao dịch crypto hiện nay. Kucoin hỗ trợ các giao dịch P2P tích hợp sẵn, các hợp đồng tương lai, giao ngay và khả năng mua tiền...
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...Kenow, nền tảng MINI Lotto, 1 million Now Đặt cược game hấp dẫn cùng với P2P online Hoạt động với những trò game bài có tính truyền thống cao. Fun88 phát...
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...Betting Online Casino Slot Games Lottery, Lottery 3D card game for money Shoot fish online P2P game So when participating in online betting at the W88 house, is it really safe?...
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By now everyone probably knows that I’m a big believer in the P2P “people-to-people” philosophy when it comes to engaging with my audience. This is why I wanted...
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...kể đến như: Cá cược thể thao, Casino trực tuyến, Xổ Số, Slot game, Game P2P, Bắn cá… với nhiều giải Jackpot đầy hấp dẫn đang chờ đợi. Ngoài ra tại...
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...kể đến như: Cá cược thể thao, Casino trực tuyến, Xổ Số, Slot game, Game P2P, Bắn cá… với nhiều giải Jackpot đầy hấp dẫn đang chờ đợi. Ngoài ra tại...
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...and originality are key components to building your brand. The difference between good and bad P2P. The power of showing behind-the-scenes for your audience. Much, much more! Important Links & Mentions...
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...- Overcoming your superhero syndrome [03:44] - Marketing like a magnet  [05:41] - Having a P2P mindset [06:38] - Saying no more often [07:33] - Don’t be scared to pivot [08:36]...