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The Wood Cast

The Wood Guy's (Alexandre Hernandez and Clem K)
The Wood Guy's Podcast
Every week discover lots of great new House-Electro productions selected and mixed by The Wood Guy's, Alexandre Hernandez and Clem K !!!
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Le show d'RMC, réunit pour la première fois à l'antenne Vincent Moscato, Luis Fernandez, Rolland Courbis et toute la Dream Team. Un talk show principalement consacré au football et aux grandes compétitions sportives du week-end.
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Johnathan Fernandez

shows@maximumfun.org (Maximum Fun)
Join Boy of Summer Johnathan Fernandez (“Lethal Weapon”) for one of the most shocking revelations to ever occur on The JV...
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"Stay Grateful" ft. Dani Fernandez

"Stay Grateful" ft. Dani Fernandez
Flux : Lady to Lady
Dani Fernandez (@msdanifernandez) and the ladies share the poopy truth about the internal mechanics of running marathons,...
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Alison's healthiest friend, Johnathan Fernandez, joins the crew for the 4th day of Drunksmas!
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This week we talk to Roman Fernandez about his campaign to get Bill Aucoin inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of...
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'Your Name' and Anime Culture with Dani Fernandez

shows@maximumfun.org (Maximum Fun, Casey O'Brien, Drea Clark, Dani Fernandez, Ify Nwadiwe, Alonso Duralde)
Flux : Maximum Film!
...all the weebs and anime fans out there! We are joined by the effervescent Dani Fernandez to discuss 2016’s Your Name – the first anime film we’ve ever discussed on the...
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On a very sexy episode, Dani Fernandez (host, Nerdist, the Nerdificient podcast – @msdanifernandez) joins us to examine horny middle school dances,...
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Flux : Planet Money
...classic "I'll Be Seeing You." The psych-pop multi-instrumentalist (and former All Songs Considered intern) J. Fernandez tries to calm his irrational anxieties on the song "Common Sense." And Monica Martin of...
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Make it Stop: John Cena - You Can't See Me with Tony Fernandez

peter@pantheonpodcasts.com (Pantheon Media)
...deep into their skulls at the audacity and caucasity. Local filmmaker and wrestling afficionado Tony Fernandez joins Heather and Mike to analyze the merits and flaws of Make It Stop's latest...
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Drunksmas Day 3

Starburns Audio
On the 3rd day of Drunksmas the team is joined by the talented Johnathan Fernandez of Lethal Weapons. Yes, WeaponSSS. 
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Flux : Alt.Latino
It's been another watershed for Latin music. Altlatino's Felix Contreras, Stefanie Fernandez, Marisa Arbona Ruiz and Catalina Maria Johnson round up the year's best.
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Flux : Alt.Latino
...that you should know about, featuring Cimafunk, Susana Baca and 'El Charro de Mexico' Vicente Fernandez.
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Live from SDCC18

Starburns Audio
This week is LIVE from the Nerdist House at SDCC2018, with special guest Johnathan Fernandez from FOX's Lethal Weapon.  Let's talk stomach vacuuming and audience Q&A
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Drunksmas Day 6

Starburns Audio
The most stylish guest in Happy Hour history Johnathan Fernandez stops by and we find out why this star of Fox's Lethal Weapon could become...
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