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Podcast en français sur James Bond 007
Chaque semaine, @LaurentDoucet et @LeFrenchAccent analysent un film de la saga James Bond rien que pour vos oreilles.
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Sir Roger Moore Special

The Empire Film Podcast
The one and only Sir Roger Moore stopped by the Empire Podcast studio this week in honour of his latest book, Bond...
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In tribute to the legendary Sir Roger Moore , who sadly passed away today, we are reposting this 40-minute interview special from 2012....
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Flux : Retro Ramble
Following the recent passing of Sir Roger Moore , and with us being such massive James Bond fans, we felt it necessary to...
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Lost in Sci-Fi: Episode 53: Roger Moore

social@pixelatedgeek.com (Leland Pierce Jr, Elizabeth Wallace)
...This week Elizabeth and Leland give a great tribute to the James Bond actor Sir Roger Moore . The second of only a few actors to play the world’s best spy: James...
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...and later with Audioslave. An incredible solo career as well. We’ll also pay tribute to Roger Moore with covers of themes from some of his best Bond appearances. All this and more...
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Flux : James Bonding
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...life?' is just one of the questions the Empire Podcast team tackle, with guests Sir Roger Moore and George MacKay dealing with the likes of 'When was the last time you wore...
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Flux : Retro Ramble
Part 2 of our tribute to Sir Roger Moore features an exclusive interview between author and comedy writer Mark O'Connell and RetroRamble's very own George...
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Flux : James Bonding
Tom Lennon joins Matt and Matt to discuss the whimsy and wonder of Roger Moore 's James Bond.
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Flux : James Bonding
Our man in the East, Phil Nobile Jr returns to talk all manner of Roger Moore , New Orleans and Voodoo. #KanangaBalloon
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Flux : James Bonding
Guest favorite James Bladon joins the boys to talk Roger Moore 's most acclaimed outing as Bond, as well as to discuss a million other wonderful...
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Raven n Blues 2707

Raven and Blues
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Flux : James Bonding
...discuss a James Bond movie for the ages. Specifically 57. That is the age of Roger Moore in this movie. It's got everything we never knew we wanted from a Bond movie....
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...in Smallville, and vampire Aidan Wait on Being Human); we also discuss the passing of Roger Moore , the Resident Evil Reboot, Joss Whedon and the Justice League, Star Trek: Discovery, The...