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Composer and performer Christian Pincock creates a cinematic experience with trombone and electronics.
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Charlie Christian-

The Jazz Treasury Podcast
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Christian Spicer

Terrified with Dave Ross & Anna Seregina
Christian Spicer, comedian and beloved member of the Nerdist team, joins Dave in the studio today. ...
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Christian Atheism

Hound Tall with Moshe Kasher
...Sara Schafer and Kurt Metzger join Dr. Pete Rollins to discuss the oxymoron that is Christian Atheism? What is it? No idea. But its an intellectual spiritual acid trip. See if...
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Kirsty Young's castaway is the journalist and broadcaster Christiane Amanpour. Her career as a reporter was forged in some of the world's most hostile...
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Christian Spicer

Today We Learned
The Spicer must flow, so we invited the hilarious Christian Spicer (What's New with Christian Spicer, DLC, Sketchmelt, UCB) to join us in studio to answer life's...
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Christian Lacroix
...s'éloignant de la haute couture, il a gagné en liberté. (Ré)écoutez le Grand atelier de Christian Lacroix - invités : Christian Lacroix, Michel Fau, Axelle Michelez, Julie Fuchs, Jean-Luc ANDRE, Louis...
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Experimental folk compositions created for an acoustic string band performed by Christian Asplund (bass, piano, vocals), Stuart Wheeler (guitar, vocals) and Tari Nelson-Zagar (violin.)
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Christian Pincock Group New music for jazz ensemble. Christian (valve trombone, electronics, composition), Levi Gillis (tenor...
Cover.medium square,%20medium.1578842471 tribute to artist Robert Rauschenberg with texts by John Cage. Featuring Eyvind Kang (violin), Christian Asplund (viola), Brad Hawkins (cello), Greg Campbell (percussion) and Michael Lee (narrator).
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It's no wonder CHRISTIAN LOPEZ landed a record deal when he was just a freshman in college — his...
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Episode 4 - Stephen Christian joins the show to talk about the life and death of Anberlin, the struggle to...
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Charlie Christian Replay

The Jazz Treasury Podcast
Happy New Year 2019!  Here's a relay of our Charlie Christian episode for your listening pleasure.
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...I can only call impressive. This is Ray, love him. Storyteller and show host, Ray Christian, has had a whirlwind 2 years on the storytelling circuit. He has appeared on The...
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