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David Fincher: "Mindhunter’’

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Flux : The Treatment
Having been handed the true crime book "Mindhunter" by friend Charlize Theron, executive producer David Fincher began the collaboration and long developed project we now know as Netflix's "Mindhunter". Today on...
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David Fincher Interview Special

The Empire Film Podcast
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...one of those films that demands immediate discussion, ideally with the director behind it, David Fincher. This is where the Empire Podcast steps in, with Fincher himself offering up 20 minutes...
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Flux : Encore!
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...Loudini Hard Rock and Metal Circus turns it's attention to the world of filmmaker David Fincher. With films like Se7en, Zodiac, and Fight Club how are Lily, Keith and Loudini going...
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Movie Review: Gone Girl

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Flux : Laser Time
  “WHERE’S YOUR WIFE NICK?” Find out in our review of David Fincher’s latest, Gone Girl!  Gone Girl (2014) Starring: Ben Affleck, Rosamund Pike, Tyler Perry, Neil Patrick Harris,...
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Jeff Beal - House of Cards (Main Title Theme)

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Flux : Song Exploder
...series of the same name by writer Beau Willimon, and director and executive producer David Fincher. Jeff talks about his collaborative process with Fincher, and how they found the mood and...
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Flux : Blockbusters
...a cherché à comprendre pourquoi. Du coup, il a regardé "The Social Network" de David Fincher.
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Monocle 24
Robert Bound is joined by film critics Tim Robey and Karen Krizanovich to review David Fincher’s latest film, ‘Mank’, the story of screenwriter Herman Mankiewicz as he battles for credit on...
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...process behind the conception and writing of Orson Welles' first movie, Citizen Kane. Director David Fincher's black-and-white ode to classic film is a story about tycoons, studio heads, addiction, creative credit,...
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...and Barrie Hardymon take a few minutes to discuss the twists and turns of David Fincher's film Gone Girl. WARNING: this podcast extra is meant for those who have seen the...
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230. Mindhunter

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Flux : Titre inconnu
...Christina chat about the new Netflix original series, Mindhunter. The series, from Joe Penhall, David Fincher, and Charlize Theron, goes back to 1977 to examine the beginnings of what we now...
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...while not revealing any spoilers - that's for the Gone Girl spoiler special (featuring David Fincher) which is up on Monday 6...
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...NPR Monkey See's Linda Holmes, Glen Weldon, Stephen Thompson, and Barrie Hardymon talk about David Fincher's film adaptation of Gone Girl. Then they'll talk about practical things they learned from musicians...
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...Grant are just crazy enough to try and figure out what’s going on in David Fincher’s contribution to the Alien universe. Also, the team takes a moment to say goodbye to...
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