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Multi-Grammy nominated Angus Clark traveled the world as Kitaro’s lead guitarist, is currently playing with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra and has also played Rock of...
Medium 5cbb02d5a968f455ac24eb0c3c0408e2ac231e9f
...Band, Thinking Plague, Tortoise, Lazuli, Premiata Forneria Marconi, Chris Squire, Knekklectric, SBB, Uriah Heep & Kitaro.
Medium bdac79ecad239a22b449251a44df7763faab37ff
...& Clive Nolan, Present, Saga, Violent Silence, Vulfpeck, Turdetans, Steve Hackett, Downes Braide Association & Kitaro.
Medium de71f71e7b87ba9a49cb3e0ba54d0eca58516ad1
...Monkey3, Karnataka, RPWL & Freisinger Symphonieorchester, Isildurs Bane & Jinian Wilde, Ren, Styx, XTC & Kitaro.
Medium 0d97c78637094f0bc91a9c3a94e835da0b4ab645
...Of Seagulls, Mad Symphony, Frost*, eMolecule, Gotye, Ashra, The Aaron Clift Experiment, Landmarq, Marcelo Paganini, Kitaro, Quasar, Rick Wakeman, Yes, Rocking Horse Music Club, Strangers On A Train, Elder, Winter, Tracy...
Medium 49c3d69f7c4f851e3e73863bed522aafc3196d34
...Bent Knee, Denim Matriarch, Gentle Giant, Drifting Sun, Flor De Loto, Jethro Tull, Dean Baker, Kitaro, Quantum Fantay, Yellow Magic Orchestra, Genesis, Vespero, Stratus Luna, Pyramidal, This Winter Machine, Yonin Bayashi,...
Medium 626243ab95a6981f17a25973dbea73cdf561ae80
...Machine & wrote one of Gloria’s biggest hits... played with Kenny Loggins, Jon Anderson & Kitaro… and has successfully licensed music for film and TV over the last 25 years Great...
Medium 626243ab95a6981f17a25973dbea73cdf561ae80
...Sound Machine, wrote one of Gloria’s biggest hits played with Kenny Loggins, Jon Anderson & Kitaro… and has successfully licensed music for film and TV over the last 25 years Great...
Medium 96e212965b978f55a3c953dbeeda3096c242ea0d
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Medium 11291c556436b8f00876a9f25394c8eec244f97d
Flux : Mirage
Playlist : Kitaro "Eternal Spring" In Person Digital) Kitaro "Westbound" In Person Digital) Kitaro "Silver Moon" In Person...
Medium 7b75c3e68dfbcdc753a024d88deffbe53c11af79
Flux : Mirage
...Gnoll "Burial Mound of a Giant King" (Faer the Wanderer) Gnoll "Revenge" (Faer the Wanderer) Kitaro "The Light Of The Spirit" (The Light Of The Spirit)
Medium 569231a36b2d8f441563149363a648dd2344c7a2
Flux : Mirage
...Love" (Rain Forest) Frederic Mauerhofer "Tension Danger in Slow Motion " (La Cabane à Sang) Kitaro "Moondance" (The Light Of The Spirit) Maximilien Mathevon "Thème de la Guerre" (Sous Nos Yeux)...
Medium 112fe3f76ddcf887b5cec75359a6a41bb0545ef4
Flux : Mirage
...(Infight) Lustmord "Hence Shall They Be Devoured All of Them" (Much Unseen is Also Here) Kitaro "New Lights" (Dai Chi)
Medium 0d2c83a8049e07f5e2a399f59b083bfcdc3b3384
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