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Flux : Guitar Nerds
Hello dear listener, This week, Matt and I are talking all about the new Mesa Boogie MkVII amp range, which, frankly, is extremely exciting! We're also taking a listen to the...
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Guitar Nerds
Flux : Guitar Nerds
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TM Podcast 074: Tom Wisniewski of MxPx

Blake Wyland & Sound Talent Media
...about breaking down in the desert, his gear journey, stabilizing 4x12s for jumping off of, Mesa Boogie amps, and a few road stories. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
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Lego Guitars

Guitar Nerds
Flux : Guitar Nerds
...Nerds Podcast Joe, Mark, Matt and Jay take a look at the new offering from Mesa Boogie , an ES-8 rival from Electro Harmonix and the re-popularisation of the Squier Bass VI....
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...the catapult, the triple wreck, and the clarksdale. He’s using a whitfill stratocaster, through a mesa boogie lonestar. Support the Show.
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...and pedal related. This week we discuss all things session; from Fender Deluxe Strats to Mesa Boogie mV. Produced and hosted by Joe Branton, with Matt Knight and Jay Cross. If you...
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Episode 25 Andy Timmons

Guitar Speak Podcast
...Paul Gilbert, Eric Johnson, Joe Satriani and Steve Vai and is a popular Ibanez and Mesa Boogie endorser. Throughout his career Andy has released several Andy Timmons Band albums and we catch...
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...a whiz when it comes to vintage Fender and Gibson guitars, as well as vintage Mesa Boogie amplifiers and old Marshalls… Dennis spills the beans on the real truth about using nut...
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...weeks episode. There was some news in the gear world this week as Gibson bought Mesa Boogie . The guys talk about the implications of the acquisition.  Brian picked up a new...
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Andy Timmons - in replay

Guitar Speak Podcast
...Paul Gilbert, Eric Johnson, Joe Satriani and Steve Vai and is a popular Ibanez and Mesa Boogie endorser. The interview features some album clips and Andy also playing live over the Skype...
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...a new artist to get into. And it isn't that "Snake Guy" British Shorts Time, Mesa Boogie Stiletto, AI rant,  ENGL Ironball, Friedman IRX, Joan Armatrading...it's all in this week's Chasing Tone!...
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