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...watching. Some of the shows we discuss are Hawaii 5O, Stargate Universe, Smallville, The Event, No Ordinary Family , Big Bang Theory and More.
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...Fringe, what happens when you cross Fringe and Lost, Stargate Universe, Walking Dead, Clone Wars, No Ordinary Family , and others shows people at the diner are watching. Download this episode (right […]
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Autumn Reeser

shows@maximumfun.org (Maximum Fun)
...Episode 73, but only one of them - the fantastic Autumn Reeser (Thrilling Adventure Hour, No Ordinary Family ) actually speaks. Topics include summer camp, the perennial talent of speedy typing, and getting...
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...Hulu and how it plays into show ratings. We also discuss Dark Angel, Charlie Jade, No Ordinary Family , The Big Bang Theory, Fringe (obviously), Smallville and the death of Hawkman,whether Narnia: The...
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...on the new and returning shows such as Stargate, The Event, Clone Wars, Supernatural, Smallville, No Ordinary Family , and more. We also discuss your feedback, what you are chatting about, and your...
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...Universe. We end by looking at those shows which will debut: The Cape, The Event, No Ordinary Family , $#*! My Dad Says, and the Walking Dead. Miles brings us the TWIST and...
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...villains in the up and coming Cape, Nimoy shirks his retirement (and we're glad), the No Ordinary Family Extension and a Ratings Bump, AMC's biggest primiere ever: Walking Dead, RED makes the grade,...
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...Holiday Goodness! The Walking Dead writers purge rumors and a fond farewell to Season 1. No Ordinary Family fares well on the network scene. Seth Rogan has a good 2 minutes in the...
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Josh Berman (creator, Drop Dead Diva); Leigh Dana Jackson (Alcatraz, No Ordinary Family ); Adam Glass (Supernatural). Recorded November 13, 2011. LISTEN TO THE WRITERS PANEL AD-FREE ON...
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...new shows for the Fall Season NBC – The Cape, Undercovers, The Event ABC – No Ordinary Family FAUX – Terra Nova CW – (is this really a network?) Betwixt, Nikita Chris Proulx...
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Ali Adler

Ben Blacker
...collaborating with Ryan Murphy on Glee and The New Normal, and with Greg Berlanti on No Ordinary Family and Supergirl, and lots more. LISTEN TO THE WRITERS PANEL AD-FREE ON FOREVER DOG PLUS:...
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...Eclipse (Zombrarian Concurs) Zombrarian: Shutter Island Illustrator X:  any original SyFy movie Best Television: Dome: No Ordinary Family /Fringe Kriana: Doctor Who Java: Walking Dead Dru: Psych Zombrarian: Warehouse 13 (Honorary mention to...
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Flux : All The Best
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