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Episode 217: Nordic Cuisine

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Episode 204: Nordic Cuisine

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...journey to Iceland! Welcoming guest Jody Eddy, author of the new cookbook “North: The New Nordic Cuisine of Iceland,” to chat about one of the most beautiful and untouched places on Earth...
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Episode 231: North Festival 2015

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...Festival going on in NYC at the end of the month, the guests relay what Nordic cuisine really brings to the table plus how the chefs have managed to successfully introduce the...
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Episode 372: Baking’s Creative Toolbox and Familial Songs

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...chef in such a far-flung locale, Magnus stepped into the role himself. He’s since redefined Nordic cuisine --and cooking in general--and become one of the most awarded and revered culinary talents in...
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Episode 187: Eating Wildly

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With the rise of interest in local ingredients, “New Nordic cuisine ”, and sustainability – foraging has become quite the buzz-word. What does it actually mean...
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Flux : J'aime Jouer
...le jeu video dans la vie : Yacine : Magnus Nilsson, le dieu de la nordic cuisine Nina : la mythologie nordique avec Neil Gaiman Samael : Wardruna et SKALD Venez débattre...
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BDSA 01/16/2013

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