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Episode 111: Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Tommy Dassalo, Ben Vernel and Adam Knox
This week the Xenoboys have been playing Xenoblade Chronicles 2, and also find time to cover news of server shutdowns, the significance of the...
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Gamekult l'émission #351 : Xenoblade Chronicles 2 by Gamekult Jeux Vidéo
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Gamekult l'Émission #454 : Xenoblade Chronicles / Minecraft Dungeons by Gamekult Jeux Vidéo
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EXP Podcast #187: JRPG Systems and Xenoblade Chronicles

Jorge Albor, Scott Juster, Experience Points
...still exists, despite the rise and prominence of the "Western RPG" market. Some games, like Xenoblade Chronicles , might even move the genre forward while reinvigorating the joy we once had in...
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...spankin' video game, it's called bloody DIGIMON SURVIVE. In addition to that we can discuss Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and the fantastic British accents featured within, plus all the interesting stuff from yesterday's...
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...chat about five of our other favorite talking implements of destruction. Then it's on to Xenoblade Chronicles 3, Hooked on You: A Dead By Daylight Dating Sim, Grand Theft Auto 6 rumors,...
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...race in America - after which, yes, we do bring it back to games, including Xenoblade Chronicles , Shantae and the Seven Sirens, Game Gear Micro, and your favorite memories of local...
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...launch, and more. 0:00 - Matt - Zelda DLC Pack 2 9:21 - Eli - Xenoblade Chronicles 2 17:53 - Mike - Super Mario Odyssey, Mega Man 11 20:33 - Unoclay -...
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...World Maker 50:43 - Animal Crossing Sells 5 Million Digitally in One Month 54:13 - Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition
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...- Legend of Zelda (NES) vs. Marvel vs Capcom 2 http://challonge.com/justanothercastle 18:40 - Mike - Xenoblade Chronicles 2, DBZ Fighterz, Overwatch 23:41 - Matt's anxiety about taking his Switch outside 31:05 -...
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...Eli - Celeste, Fortnight, Shadow of the Colossus Remake 35:11 - Mike - Dragonball FighterZ, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 44:14 - Unoclay - Zelda: BotW, Philips CD-i, Lovers in a Dangerous Space Time...
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#125 - BILL!

...M no longer in development- Nintendo Account- Splatoon at The Game AwardsGames Discussed- Pokémon Picross- Xenoblade Chronicles X- Yo Kai Watch Support the Show. Socials Ollie: @chocobalt on Twitter Luke: @renderman7 on...
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...- Tetris 25:49 - Animal Crossing New Horizons 32:15 - Overwatch Legendary Edition 37:47 - Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition 42:26 - SNES Online 47:43 - Guess the Expensive SNES Game 58:14 -...
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...also covers the major new release of the fortnight - the 3D conversion of Monolithsoft's Xenoblade Chronicles . Support the Show. Socials Ollie: @chocobalt on Twitter Luke: @renderman7 on Twitter Angelo: @manjell0...
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...kinda charming. Also in this episode... Bradford unexpectedly manages to connect The Killing Tree to Xenoblade Chronicles , we accidentally wade into the quagmire of the villain being right but for the...
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