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Adam Sandler

You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes
Adam Sandler makes it weird!
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...Foltz, Cody Page, Kalan Gillespie, and Randy Oshea. Talking about local comedy, bombing shows, and Adam Sandler .
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...The boys must continue their treacherous journey by watching another one of the 54 remaining Adam Sandler films on the list. This time we watch “The Do-Over”, a movie about Adam Sandler...
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...horde, the California Raisins hit the big time, Head of the Class goes to Moscow, Adam Sandler hates Gatorade, JCVD and Becker just sort of exist and it's a big, BIG week...
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...horde, the California Raisins hit the big time, Head of the Class goes to Moscow, Adam Sandler hates Gatorade, JCVD and Becker just sort of... Read more
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...Fred Durst has his reasons for doing it all, the Transformers movies get even worse, Adam Sandler makes one of his most grounded film to date, and Michael Jackson's death completely overshadows...
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...and fake Ghostbusters debut on TV; 2pac is murdered in Vegas while Damon Wayans and Adam Sandler hit theaters; and a decade before he’s Batman, Ben Affleck is... Read more
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...for the fourth instalment of “Movies”. This time the boys review “Grown Ups”, one of Adam Sandler ’s best films, which is equal to a mediocre or terrible film in general. To...
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41: Pixels………

Super High Sci-Fi
It’s time to talk about Adam Sandler ’s most recent blockbuster hit film, Pixels.   Fuck. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/superhighscifi/support
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Anakin Skywalker Jumps into another franchise, Carl Weathers has an action-packed stew going, and Adam Sandler sings his way into a perhaps the ultimate Thirty Twenty Ten movie!
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...plus, the director of The Meyerowitz Stories drops by to talk about director t-shirts and Adam Sandler 's serious side.
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...Ryan Gosling film Lars and the Real Girl. We also talk royalism, eating swans, creepypasta, Adam Sandler isms, and Paddy’s somewhat harebrained theory that no film with the name of the central...
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Karate Kid 2, Eraser, Quake and Click - Jun 17-23

lasertimeshow@gmail.com (Laser Time)
...capabilities as well as Quake's influence in 1996, and finally we Click on over to Adam Sandler 's attempted mix of comedy and sci-fi...
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