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Performance Anxiety: Paul Claro (Cinema Cinema)

peter@pantheonpodcasts.com (Pantheon Media)
I’m joined by drummer Paul Claro. Paul is one half of the band Cinema Cinema. He is also related to the other half of Cinema Cinema, guitarist and noisemaker,...
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...The Mayor, Here’s Tim Comes To Turned Out A Punk! Today on the show: On Cinema, Office Hours & Tim and Eric’s TIM HEIDECKER is here to talk hating punk, but...
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Way Past Cool – Sinister Cinema

djvietnam3000@gmail.com (Ixnayray)
Flux : Way Past Cool
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Episode 205: RIP OFF CINEMA!!!!

info@HeritageRadioNetwork.org (Heritage Radio Network)
...gonna have so much fun today geeking out with Kevin Maher! Today's topic: RIP OFF CINEMA!!!! Get ready for SHARKS, APES, and maybe even some porn....Listen live right here, 2 PM.
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...Club, and he joins Nick and Kayley to talk about the new phenomenon called Gourmet Cinema, mixing films and tasty food.
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Gayle Pirie As one of San Francisco's most enduring restaurants, Foreign Cinema has remained a magical destination for local, national, and international visitors. For the last 18...
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...Castle Disc 1 1998 Arjen Anthony Lucassen Import 47 18:38:14 Fibonacci Sequence Tickets Please 2:05 Cinema Finis 2017 48 18:40:20 Fibonacci Sequence Obeah 7:32 Cinema Finis 2017 47 18:47:51 Shadow Gallery...
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Flux : Encore!
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Flux : Encore!
Two world wars couldn't close French cinemas but after 125 years in operation, every movie theatre in France closed its doors on...
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The Cinema Story returns! The other night I met up with The Cinema Story at Denny's in...
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Celebrate Our Cinemas is a brand-new, limited-edition podcast series, brought to you by Empire in association with Meerkat...
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Way Past Cool – Furious Cinema [Redux]

ixnayray72@gmail.com (Ixnayray)
Flux : Way Past Cool
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...Sam Stove on The Daily Drive about the many annoying things that happen at the cinema.
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