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...Blues, Dale Bandy, If I Could Only Take It Back, Hadden Sayers, Blood Red Coupe Deville, Raw Terra, (Tryin’) To Get To You, Katie Knipp, Santa Cruz Blues, Anthony Gomes, White...
Medium 99c5e4f67229c85a564b6f3445176ce100de4b91

Jack Deville of Mr. Black Pedals

Blake Wyland & Sound Talent Media
Medium ae59767a5507b7cc305e0cf1fbdf3ec4acfbbaa5
...the WBHP, your host South Cox catches up with old friends Vance Skinnner and Dave DeVille
Medium 1af3dcb9dab2cbd5933f2df92d0da1526d4287cc
Ishan Cooper / Coop Deville presents Bat Funk Crazy in 3D! Killer funk featuring guest appearances by George Clinton, Angelo...
Medium ad84a1687e8bf758d54a48e026b6c357404c167f
FTB podcast #209 puts the spotlight on two new albums.  Sky Blue DeVille by ADAM KLEIN and Carnival by NORA JANE STRUTHERS.     Show #209 opening bed: BOB...
Medium 53b32c391f8c97d42ccd689658e5b32adfb84c42
...CHRIS GIORDANO from the tribute band KISS IT! DAVID SNOWDEN from David Snowden Promotions! TONY DEVILLE from DeVille Ink! “SPEED” from Silvertung! and, in her KISS ROOM debut, CHRIS ANN COLVIN!...
Medium 1a0c005fada51aa99c3c23406cfc8a2472b98fc6
Sepetember's installment of ROCK'N' ROLL RADIO finds Jody Havenot joined by Andrew Kiss and Stacy DeVille to discuss Tegan and Sara's 2004 masterpiece..SO JEALOUS!!!
Medium 53b32c391f8c97d42ccd689658e5b32adfb84c42
We have a Video PodKISSt up!…Join Me and Stacy DeVille as we discuss the KISS “MONSTER” tour
Medium fc8139302cc8c55670d391342242bbb6751165db
...show follows the lives of Matt and Jake, two junior executives in training at Hampton Deville, a hopeless megacorporation. They have just enough power and money to keep working there, but...
Medium 2c1f3a15ea6caca943198d83f552713fb526699d
...all represented here with remixes by DJ Prince, DJ Richie Rich, Malibu, Ultimix, FederFunk, DJ Deville, The WerkinBrothers, Pretty Lights, and Jet Boot Jack! Track List:   Redbone - Come and...
Medium bf39b84a9e6e223c3573ae10e2822a73dd56289d
Flux : Six Foot Plus
...all in this episode of 6’+, with music from the’s, Stellar Corpses, Ghoultown, Spooky Deville and more. Monstermatt Patterson gets turned into a frog during a Monstermatt Minute. And take...
Medium c0adf26245361a5640de23f41036f2644c3b8703
...Roy Orbison, Chris Isaak, Jerry Lee Lewis, Don Diego, Hot Rod Walt & The Psycho DeVilles, Johnny Cash, Barbara Pittman, Sonny Burgess, Billy Lee Riley & The Little Green Men, Charlie...
Medium c0adf26245361a5640de23f41036f2644c3b8703
...Calypso, McKinley James, The Hi-Jivers, Sonny West, Art Adams, Hot Rod Walt & The Psycho DeVilles, Deke Dickerson, Hillbilly Casino and instru-Mental Breakdown Boogie style with Los Straitjackets and The Surfrajettes!! ...
Medium 73a488b973079f5fabb0462caadb1153c42f42fd
...Plus, hear rockers from Wayne Hancock, John Lindberg Trio, Hot Rod Walt & The Psycho Devilles, Wanda Jackson, Rhythm Torpedoes and more! Intro Voice Over- Rob "Cool Daddy" Dempsey   Hailbails-...
Medium 6e8ea9b8349d886a201bee77df622fa7fb362877

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...Bill Chandler Monica Martinson Blayne Turner Dennis Cannaday Alyssa Boehm Brian Krause Carla Gibson Izzy DeVille Additional financial contributions by Amy & Freddy Morris “Monster Movies (with My Friends)” was written...
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