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HAPPY NEW YEARS EPISODE - Interview with Chris Del Rio from the Implants (Cyber Tracks) and Yotam Ben Horin from Useless ID (Fat Wreck) - We talk about...
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...most recent album themselves and their new record label. Also, Chris Del Rio from The Implants (Cali Punk Super Group). We talk about how they got onto Cybertracks label, Chris and...
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...who went in for tattoo removal. From those weird origins hundreds of thousands of breast implant procedures are now carried out each year. Find out all about the advancements and techniques...
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Transdermal implants are just one in a number of procedures under the banner of extreme body modification....
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...Gravel talk about everything except aliens while Carrie investigates Area 51, cold fusion, and alien implants. Plus, scammers sell us cell phone protectors!
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Episode 7 - Pulley

Garrett Wadford
...Top Albums from 2014: A Wilhelm Scream, The Flatliners, Dutch Nuggets, The Human Project, The Implants and many more!
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SciFi Tech Talk #000179 - Robot Overlords

Julie Kuehl, Jeff Syer, Mike McPeek
...robots from a distant galaxy. Survivors are confined to their houses and must wear electronic implants, risking incineration by robot sentries if they venture outside.” - imdb.com
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Flux : TechStuff
Employees at a vending company can elect to get an RFID microchip implant. What's the story behind this and is it a good idea? Learn more about your...
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...Val Cooper is not wildly trustworthy; Cable uses his words; and people with significant metal implants should probably stop... For more information on this and other episodes, check out xplainthexmen.com!
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No Babies Allowed

Sex Nerd Sandra
...Roleplay, Safer Sex vs Contraception, the Pill/Patch/Ring Trifecta, Hormones ‘n’ Stuff, IUCs, Monkeys, Emergency Plans, Implants, Injections, Male Options and Dirty Double Dutching!
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...can recite five right now. Commercial jingles are designed to hijack your working memory and implant a product or service and they really work. Learn about the history of these insidious...
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...can recite five right now. Commercial jingles are designed to hijack your working memory and implant a product or service and they really work. In this classic episode, learn about the...
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"Cyber Generation" ft. Jackie Kashian

ladytoladycomedy@gmail.com (Barbara Gray, Brandie Posey, Tess Barker)
Flux : Lady to Lady
...finding bags of porn in the woods. The ladies also chat about chimp attacks, dick implants, and the early days of cybering. They answer a lady problem from a listener who's...
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SciFi Tech Talk #000156 - Johnny Mnemonic

Julie Kuehl, Jeff Syer, Mike McPeek
...a half of the population is suffering from the Nerve Attenuation Syndrome (NAS).Johnny with an implanted memory chip in his brain was ordered to transport the over loaded information from Beijing...
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Corinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson
...with two fellow female comics -- SYDNEE WASHINGTON & MADISON MALLOY -- who have breast implants to get the truth about plastic surgery from the first doctor's visit to the emotional...
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