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The Joshua Tree vs. Synchronicity

...hard rock/metal theme to pit two giants of rock and roll against each other. The Joshua Tree vs. Synchronicity. Which one do you prefer? And WHY??? Featured Loudini Artists: Mishti Stone Giant...
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"The Not" ft. Zandy Hartig (Barbara Gray, Brandie Posey, Tess Barker)
Flux : Lady to Lady
...joins the ladies to discuss Irish goodbyes, medevil times, Game of Thrones, Father's Day, glamping, Joshua Tree , getting engaged and more!
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A jammed pack show: Interview with U2 Tribute Band Joshua Tree (7 pm), EpiCenter Music Festival Overview with DJ Amy (8 pm), Peter Hook retrospective, and...
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Merz: “Somewhere To Run” (KCRW)
Electronic artist Merz was inspired by his relocation from Europe to Joshua Tree , as he relaxed his body and mind to create "Somewhere To Run." Dubbed "a...
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Guns and Hollywood, Institute of Mentalphysics (KCRW, Frances Anderton)
...renewed focus to the glamorization of guns in the movies. And a music festival in Joshua Tree this weekend takes place in a setting known for its spiritual qualities as well as...
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With Liam donning his poncho and heading out to Joshua Tree , John Robinson joins Gaz at the Blues Kitchen Shoreditch for the first show of...
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...their new concept album, Rock N Pod Expo 3, LC shakes his fist at the Joshua Tree National Park and bachelorette parties, and we discuss if it is time for Sharon to...
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Andi Eaton

Love, Alexi
Flux : Love, Alexi
...The Modern Bohemians Guide to Traveling in style”. She is also throwing a retreat in Joshua Tree April 4-7 (full weekend and day passes available at Retreat gram: @forageandwander. Use the...
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Warpaint - Love Is to Die

Hrishikesh Hirway
Flux : Song Exploder
...They retreated away from their home in Los Angeles to the nearby desert oasis of Joshua Tree , California. There, they wrote the song "Love Is to Die," and it was decided...
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Flux : Rock Bottom
...The Most Common Threat Is Danger Altars of Grief - In Dying Light Skepsis - Joshua Tree Unbeheld - Lamentation Hammerdrone - Annihilation in Equilibrium Statue Of Demur - Bare Feet Broken...
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Rock Talk: Week of June 19, 2017

The Rock N Roll Archaeology Project
Flux : Pantheon
...Slate joins us weekly for 'Slate's Takes' - and this Jeff & Christian chat U2 and their latest Joshua Tree stadium tour.   In a first for Rock Talk, we chat with and are breaking a brand...
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...Rise And Fall Of Ruby Woo] Earl Pickens & Family - Running To Stand Still [The Joshua Tree ] Frenchy & the Punk - House Of Cards [Happy Madness] Professor Elemental - The Great Race...
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...(1983), "Indian Summer Sky," - The Unforgettable Fire (1984), "Red Hill Mining Town" - The Joshua Tree (1987), "Hawkmoon 269" - Rattle & Hum (1988), "Zoo Station" - Achtung Baby (1991), "Dirty...
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...the musical landscape; ranging from songs like “Oh Child,” which capture the atmospheric pressure of  Joshua Tree -era U2, or early CHVRCHES, to “Please, Let’s Go Away,” which sounds like it was...
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