Medium 5be566ebd4e36c05a9dcb6b65116e1a64b530b5c
Medium 2c1f3a15ea6caca943198d83f552713fb526699d
Medium e75720a97f6d78577b8b1a51753e5d970babb0c2
New Orleans City Officials will use the Krewe of Boo as a litmus test to see if Mardi Gras will be safe for 2022. Osterlind talks to comedian...
Medium 0338339c53a7848f1d8b26b5ff895a14361a2999
...All, Madball, Insted, Gorilla Biscuits, Youth of Today, Shelter, Midnight, Nausea, Code 13, Disrupt, Conflict, Litmus Green, Oppressed Logic, Public Nuisance, Minutemen, Harvestman, Convulsing, and Kim Gordon.
Medium 5cbb02d5a968f455ac24eb0c3c0408e2ac231e9f
...210. In this edition we heard music by The Lens, Shineback, Discipline, Cosmograf, Blondie, Voyager, Litmus, Split Enz, Inner Ear Brigade, Saga, Rush, Mayra Orchestra, Random Hold, Gandalf's Fist, Deftones, Scott...
Medium f9fb973ddc4661a01c56d6238ce7146dcf55e516
...Squirrel Highlife - A1 Stefano Ritteri - Pocket Melody - Freerange Orange Tree Edits - Litmus Groove (Jimmy Rouge Edit) Jovonn - Seven Wonders of House Chaim - Ha Alla Stefano...
Medium 3524861f60a3b70b024aad72efdb65f785c164f8

The Ledge #455: Best Albums of 2020

paulisded@yahoo.com (theledge)
...contentious Presidential election tore apart friends and families. Race and sexual identity issues became online litmus tests. Everybody was angry. Putting together this year’s list then became a tougher task than...
Medium 1699fde7bd9c33623a10aa7edaab04c8228d1249

196: Clams is Clams!

This Show Has Everything
...be contained! Star Wars burlesque, dude on Wookie action, Final Fantasy symphonies, parasailing, Ninja Turtle litmus tests, canned fish, America’s failing transportation system, fear of fireworks, and that doesn't come close...
Medium d45ef64fc2b19e8f5f6026fb77d7bf3dfba9c91c
Medium 3c1d85256523a14b3d6e37575c899c8bb2c64ce0

Episode 339: 'Drive Away Dolls' with Ever Mainard

shows@maximumfun.org (Ever Mainard, Drea Clark, Alonso Duralde, Marissa Flaxbart, Ify Nwadiwe)
Flux : Maximum Film!
...comedy, and (almost) everyone has an opinion about the results! Then, a hotline question about “litmus test” movies. What’s Good Alonso - reading more James Baldwin (The Fire Next Time) Drea...
Medium a822a40fb4d4055ae487b529eed8c58233df0e54
...order to apply for these government bailout programs, one must first pass the (also secretive) litmus test for whether or not it is worthy of being deemed a Qualified Canadian Journalism Organization...
Medium 23a11e485291eb99ad4debcf0f0e8447832a85cb

Designing, Templating, Inlining and Sending Email!

Wes Bos & Scott Tolinski - Full Stack JavaScript Web Developers
...MJML React Email Templating Tony from Twitter also told me about HTML 37:22 Debugging and Testing Emails Litmus Email on Acid is way cheaper 45:00 Marketing Emails MailChimp Drip 52:00 Host your own Platforms...
Medium 615e794895d1d6eab25224bf2af2b1de4fead964
...LAB. Terminus is Ethan’s favorite fixed with font, but also likes Letter Gothic Mono. Wynn’s litmus test for fixed fonts is the dashrocket alignment. Micah Rich, founder of The League of...
Medium f9fe84d4483f7dd4fabe0e9404884ee3ce7dd808

Tales from Web Dev Past - Part 2

Wes Bos & Scott Tolinski - Full Stack JavaScript Web Developers
...- Homestar Runner Links Drupal Omega theme Syntax 032: Designing, Templating, Inlining and Sending Email Mailchimp Litmus Email on Acid Herman Miller Aeron ××× SIIIIICK ××× PIIIICKS ××× Scott: New Rustacean Podcast Wes: Autonomous...
Medium af62afa59c060ed237dbaada109e937bf82de1aa

Next Level (Interview)

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