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Private Passions

Flux : PodJUST
...musical loves and hates, and talk about the influence music has had on their lives https://podjust.com/podcast/private-passions Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.
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A Passionate Life

A Passionate Life
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Handel's Brockes Passion

Voice of the Arts
Handel's early and little-known oratorio passion will be performed at Calvary Episcopal Church, where Alan Lewis first conducted it three years...
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Flux : Savor
Lilikoi, aka passion fruit, didn’t originate in Hawaii – but its bright flowers and tangy flavor have found...
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Passion, Death and Ressurection

Passion, Death and Ressurection
Family Theatre. April 3, 1947. Mutual net. "Passion, Death and Ressurection". Sustaining. An Easter program. The story of the death of Jesus and...
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Episode 306: 18306 Passione

Classical Music Discoveries
...studio of the Bayerische Staatsoper for the 18/19 season.  Purchase the music (without talk) at: Passione (classicalsavings.com) Your purchase helps to support our show!   Classical Music Discoveries is sponsored by...
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Listening to Bach's Passions

Listening to Bach's Passions
Flux : Notes on Bach
In J.S. Bach's time, Lutherans marked Good Friday--which falls in mid-April this year--with musical settings of the Passion, the story of Jesus's trial and crucifixion drawn from the New Testament gospels. Musical retellings of...
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La passion de Bjørnebye

Le podcast UEFA.com du football européen
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The Passion of the Christie

Peach Fish Productions
Flux : The Gist
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This month the team has been listening to James MacMillan's St Luke Passion, in the world-premiere recording conducted by Markus Stenz for the Challenge Classics label. Hear clips...
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Flux : 9to5 (dot cc)
...“Shiny Spaceship” by the 8-bit Ninjas.  Used under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License The post 9ES151: Oddly Passionate About Westerns appeared first on 9to5 (dot cc).
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Flux : SPUN Stories
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CLIP: Intrapreneurship, Passion, and Vision

Southwestern Family of Companies
...(even if you aren’t doing it currently), how “intrapreneurship” is the new entrepreneurship, and why passion and vision, BIG vision, are the secret weapons of making any pitch. Hear Art’s full...
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