Medium 3d58cad83616a30b559b1b051e2c89f3da562688
Lizzy Borden Visual Lies For Tim Bream
Medium 0b491a1a9d3b7a46077be167514f530a3c849688
Craig Taylor creates inspirational geospatial visualizations and this is his journey from a formal education in GIS using industry standard tools to creating...
Medium cfaba55ca0f497c74ebbb8629229aafb8e359288
Flux : Sci-Fi Talk
Visual Effects Supervisor for Halo The Series, Phil Prates talks translating this world from game to...
Medium b9dc0b3399c91b120aa765d334d6c770ff4fccf0

EXP Podcast #275: Visualizing History

The Experience Points Podcast
...link on the right.   Show notes:   - Runtime: 34 min 36 sec - "Visual Styles and Depictions of the Past," by Jeff Mummert, via Play the Past - Music by: Brad...
Medium a72bc4b6b122b75ea59d2824bebc8fb8ae051f8e
Medium cfaba55ca0f497c74ebbb8629229aafb8e359288
Flux : Sci-Fi Talk
I talk to Chris MacLean Overall Visual Effects Supervisor, and Mike Enriquez Visual Effects Supervisor, who talk world building of the Apple...
Medium 3aab2e4001c1475caab3833ac1d29eb0cf28d14a

Jason Piccioni, Visual Effects Guru

Jason Piccioni, Visual Effects Guru
Ever wonder how they create visual effects for your favorite movie or TV show?  Jason Piccioni is a Visual Effects Guru...
Medium 20859dfacb5fc0191f0f3fb65e5f924027ad6b22
...the journalist, coding, and design skills required to be a graphics reporter, the backstory on visualizing this outbreak, why Harry chooses R over Python, advice for aspiring graphics reporters, and how...
Medium cfaba55ca0f497c74ebbb8629229aafb8e359288
Flux : Sci-Fi Talk
Interview with Visual Effects Supervisor Phil Prater
Medium 4f4b2942e0710ce244bf7cfc80e2cfbea6290ce9
Medium 615e794895d1d6eab25224bf2af2b1de4fead964
We’re back in NYC at Microsoft Connect(); talking about the backstory of Visual Studio Code with Julia Liuson (Corporate Vice President of Visual Studio), Chris Dias (Principal Program...
Medium ad6e72fd91208b4d9688febd3b5aa95f28d1ae87

15: Data Visualization with Shirley Wu

shows@spec.fm (Michael Chan)
Flux : React Podcast
Michael Jackson, Michael Chan talk with Shirley Wu about D3 and React, creative data visualization, her freelance work, and how she's helping React developers love D3. Featuring Shirley Wu —...
Medium 2aae1a0f991180c5aa65de6343e929b695020d1e
The Everyday Visuals are smack dab in the middle of an incredible lineup tongiht at the Middle East...
Medium dbb238438445179356a8af82ebc35274571582c0
Flux : Sci-Fi Talk
I chat with Visual Effects Supervisors Nathan McGuiness and Pete Bebb
Medium 34c0ade917031334619bfdffa632dcc4d1e41fc9

Visual design in this year's Oscar nominees

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