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L'actualité greffée d'une pomme !
Retrouvez ici tous les podcasts et vidéos du site AppleiGeek.com. Au rendez-vous des news, des tutoriels et bien d'autres choses !
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A Keynote Species

info@HeritageRadioNetwork.org (Heritage Radio Network)
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John Palmer, homebrew guru, shares his top five brewing priorities in his keynote presentation at the New Zealand Homebrew Conference.
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...of the National Homebrewers Conference in Oakland, Ken Grossman of Sierra Nevada Brewing gives the keynote address.
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Jim Koch, founder of the Boston Beer Company, gives an inspiring keynote address to the National Homebrewers Conference in Cincinnati.
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Flux : TechStuff
...organizations. But one company decided the solution to finding the right women to serve as keynote speakers was to invent them. We look at the wild story of the DevTernity 2023...
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In this episode of Vanguard Radio, J. Richard Jones speaks with James Baker, CEO of Keynote Search, a full-service search and recruitment firm with a unique 12-month success guarantee. Keynote has...
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Special early WWDC episode this week: Reactions to the keynote. New Mac Pro Initial iOS 7 design impressions. Sponsored by: Backblaze: Easy, unlimited online backup...