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Music from Marc Gunn, Marooned, Blackmore’s Night, Canned Haggis, Castlebay, Jenna Greene, Boogie Knights, Howl-O, Capt’n Black’s Sea Dogs, and The Dregs Sponsor: Celtic Invasion...
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#11 Celtic Christmas Music with Cleveland Celtic Podcast -

Marc Gunn, Men of Worth, Battlefield Band, Alison Brown Quartet, Joe Craven, Castlebay, Julia Lane, Golden Bough, The Mickeys
...Tinkers, Battlefield Band, Alison Brown Quartet With Joe Craven, Deborah Friou & Julia Lane, Teada, Castlebay, Julia Lane, Golden Bough, The Mickeys, Rose And Thistle Band. "Little Drummer Boy" by Men...
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...and Shamrock Orchestra, Boston Blackthorne, Scooter Muse, Maidens IV, Brizeus, Vintage Wildflowers, Neidfyre, Stout Pounders, Castlebay, Emish, The Sheridan Band, Shillelagh Jack, Firkin, James Olin Oden.   www.celticmusicpodcast.com Subscribe to our Celtic...
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Homesick for Ireland and Irish Music #163

Irish and Celtic Music Podcast
...Marc Gunn & Jamie Haeuser, Samantha Gillogly & Tim Maurice, Jim Brannigan, Kila, Seamus Kennedy, Castlebay, Christiane Cargill, David Hum, Icewagon Flu, Bill Grogan's Goat, Hawp. www.celticmusicpodcast.com If you enjoy this show,...
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Music from Castlebay, Hank Cramer, Anne Roos, 3 Pints Gone, Wicked Tinkers, Aisling, Empty Hats, New Minstrel Revue,...
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#19-52: Welcome Winter

Sing Out! Radio Magazine
...Fred Gosbee / “The Night the Whiskey Froze” / The Night the Whiskey Froze / Castlebay Tony Trischka / “Sleigh Ride” / Glory Shone Around / Rounder Atwater Donnelly / “Cold...
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Irish & Celtic Music Podcast #89

Irish and Celtic Music Podcast
Music from TJ Hull and Jeff Ksiazek, Castlebay, Doug Folkins, SlipJig, Locklin Road, Jenna Greene, Anaman, Headland, Songs For Ceilidh, Oona McOuat &...
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Chilling By the Celtic Campfire #258

Marc Gunn, Castlebay, Tim Malloys, Ken O'Malley, Slipjig, Jil Chambless, Scooter Muse
...O'Malley, Rambling Sailors, Darragh McGann, Atlantic Wave, Vintage Wildflowers, Tim Malloys, Celtic Cross, Ockham's Razor, Castlebay. Kick back with a beer and enjoy! If you enjoy this podcast, then please rate...
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Music from Donal Clancy, Clandestine, Rambling Sailors, Castlebay, Joe Travers & Adam Alexander, Celtic Stone, Ed Miller, Mary Behan Miller, Dun Aengus, Homeland,...
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September Irish Reels #176

Irish and Celtic Music Podcast
...Ferguson, Fiddlin' in th' Parlor, Bow Triplets, NUA, O'hanleigh, BOWI, Ciara Considine, The Irish Balladeers, Castlebay, Maidens IV, Sons of Malarkey, Brendan Monaghan, Brian Thomas. www.celticmusicpodcast.com If you enjoy this show, then...
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Relaxing Celtic Music #232

Marc Gunn, Liz Madden, The Blarnacles, Beat Smash Square, String Thaw, Jennifer Licko, Castlebay
...So let's enjoy some mellow Celtic music on this week's show featuring Irish Celtic Music from Castlebay, Jennifer Licko Shelton, String Thaw, Jil Chambless & Scooter Muse, Ed Miller, Beat Smash Square,...
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Irish and Celtic music from Poor Man's Fortune, An Triur, Castlebay, Pipedance, Karan Casey, Burning Bridget Cleary, Abby Green, The Changing Room, Bridgid's Cross, John Byrne...
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...from the last show. 5. “Angel of Mine” by Avalon Spirit 4. “Sweet Jim” by Castlebay 3. “Just One Drink” by Songs For Ceilidh 2. “Drowsy Maggie” by Oona McOuat &...
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