re(Découvrez) un classique de Jules Verne en audio !
re(Découvrez) un classique de Jules Verne dans un format qui lui redonne une seconde jeunesse !
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Adrien Mangold
Plongez dans une intrigue entre thriller et science fiction !
Plongez dans une intrigue entre thriller et science fiction !
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Nouvelles immersives

Adrien Mangold
Ensemble de nouvelles adaptées à l'audio
Le travail sonore des sagas audio adapté aux nouvelles écrites
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Part 3 of 3 with Seattle, WA, guitarist, Danny Mangold! We talk: visiting Robert Johnson’s grave, Albert King, history of blues music and more! Enjoy...
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Part 2 of 3 with Seattle, WA, guitarist, Danny Mangold! We talk: performing with Heart & the Neville Brothers, his friendship with Dave Grohl of...
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Part 1 of 3 with Seattle, WA, guitarist, Danny Mangold! We talk; Crow, Metro All Stars, JodyHanks and more. Enjoy the conversation!
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The delightful black-and-white Noah Baumbach movie Frances Ha goes head-to-head with James Mangold's summer blockbuster The Wolverine this weekend, and so the two directors duke it for supremacy...
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Flux : Sci-Fi Talk
...from Harrison Ford, Phoebe Waller-Jones, Boyd Holbrook, Shaunette Rene Wilson, Mads Mikkelson, and director James Mangold. On the carpet are John Rhys-Davies, Kathleen Kennedy, Toby Jones, and Karen Allen . Thanks...
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...original, a B&W studio Western directed by Delmar Davis, and the 2007 remake from James Mangold, with a cast full of famous names. It turns out both are pretty worthwhile, and...
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...and the Dial of Destiny is a 2023 American action adventure film directed by James Mangold and co-written by Mangold, Jez Butterworth, John-Henry Butterworth, and David Koepp. Produced by Walt Disney...
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...around the world to keep it from falling into the wrong hands. Directed by James Mangold, and also starring Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Mads Mikkelsen, it's in theaters now. Learn more about...
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...handing over Indiana Jones 5 (or 4, depending on your point of view) to James Mangold, review The Invisible Man, Portrait Of A Lady On Fire, and more. Enjoy.
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...they crashed a real plane fr Tenet, Doug Liman directing Tom Cruise in space, James Mangold on board for Indiana Jones 5, Ryan Gosling is The Wolfman,a sequel for the Labyrinth,...
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...once he started acting, he got the idea to write his own movie from James Mangold, learned the ins and outs of directing from working on Chicago Hope, and came to...
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...film called Batman, and Gina Prince-Bythewood talking about Viola Davis. And that's not all: James Mangold has written an exclusive essay for us, celebrating the incredible work and legacy of Buster...
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Alex Varkatzas (Dead Icarus, ex-Atreyu) | Talk Toomey

talktoomeytalk@gmail.com (Joshua Toomey)
...'80s vibe. Despite this, he expresses newfound musical passion, praising his Dead Icarus bandmate Gabe Mangold. Alex delves into the challenges of developing his voice alongside Brandon Saller, citing admiration for...
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