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Partir manger de la feta et improviser
Quand on prend une année sabbatique, c’est souvent pour réaliser un projet bien précis. « C’est quoi le plan ? » raconte une histoire un peu différente, celle d’une Française partie vivre en Grèce pour manger de la feta et prendre le temps d’improviser le reste.
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La Didascalie

Dallas n’a qu’à bien se tenir.
Au théâtre la didascalie est une indication scénique écrite par l’auteur complétant le dialogue mais n’en faisant pas partie. C’est un peu ce qu’on va faire ensemble. Préciser des questions, de manière scénique ou non. Répondre à des interrogations, libérer sa parole. Une pointe d’humour, de prise de position et vous avez votre son, votre didascalie. Au menu : actualité, sentiments, trahison, sexe, drogue et réflexion Bienvenue dans D I D A S C A L I E !
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Monday 20 May

Monocle 24
John Hewson, former leader of Australia’s Liberal party , discusses the country’s shock election result. Plus: UK Conservatives make leadership pitches, business news...
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...the Donald Trump impeachment inquiry and Canada’s election, with opinion polls showing that Justin Trudeau’s Liberal party and the Progressive Conservatives are neck and neck. Plus: Brazil’s singles chart.
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...into the campaign, political editor Lenore Taylor and deputy political editor Katharine Murphy explore with Liberal party strategist Mark Textor what’s been happening and why we might just want to ignore all...
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Flux : Fourth Estate
...Davies Editor, Sydney Morning Heard. In this wide-ranging talk we ask here about the recent Liberal Party fundraiser at Nine, Alan Jones and the way forward for SMH.
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Monday 30 May

Monocle 24
...Plus: the latest on Colombia’s presidential election, Karen Middleton profiles the new leader of Australia's Liberal party and Monocle 24’s Fernando Augusto Pacheco reviews the papers.
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...editor Katharine Murphy talks to Cory Bernardi about how he feels about being criticised by Liberal party colleagues he respects, who is going to finance his new political party and what could...
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...end of the parliamentary term, the party leaders’ approval ratings, and the state of the Liberal party after electoral losses federally and in Victoria
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...Andrew Bragg about his new book Buraadja, which details the successes and failures of the Liberal party ’s approach to Indigenous affairs. Bragg, who has strongly endorsed constitutional recognition, outlines how parliament...
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...denialism has come to Australia supported by the Murdoch newspapers, how the rightwing of the Liberal party ‘operate like terrorists’, and why laws targeting secondary boycotts could be unconstitutional Malcolm Turnbull says...
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A week of civil unrest for the Liberal party has brought Australia a new prime minister: Scott Morrison. Guardian Australia political editor Katharine Murphy...
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...year? Will Abbott be back? Why is right wing niche media more dangerous to the Liberal party than Labour? And does anybody care about any of this?
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Country Hour for Monday 19 March, 2018

South Australia Country Hour
With the Liberal party winning the election, what will be the first questions of the Primary Producers SA, chairman...
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Country Hour for Monday 6 November, 2017

South Australia Country Hour
The SA Liberal Party says the NRM system is 'broken' and yesterday announced a policy that they say will...